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Warning: to anyone who isn’t a pedant when it comes to semantics AND a fan of musicals, reading what follows would probably be tantamount to watching paint dry. From: Juliet Kinsman To: Toby Gorman Subject: Important: getting our facts straight Excuse this missive, I just wanted to flag up something important about China that’s been […]

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HI Design, Stockholm, 1-3 June

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

HI time Mr Smith waxed lyrical about sexiness in hotels James Lohan has been asked to be on a panel discussion at a design show in Stockholm called HI Design, to chat about Is ‘sexy’ the new gauge of success? The kind of questions he will be answering are: — Is it possible for […]

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Weirdest crisps eaten: Green tea flavour (yuck) and cucumber (double yuck). Most amount of crew on set at any one time: 11. Longest mini-bus journey: 3 hours. JULIET: Dim sum eaten: 37. Cups of coffee: 16. Handbags bought: 4. Best lost-in-translation moment, question to receptionist in Fuchin Resort: ‘Where can I find the gym?’ A: […]

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TV show: Arrival in Sydney [April 06]

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Juliet Kinsman: When I was told our second show would be filmed in Sydney, my heart sank. What travel writer could dare say that? Someone who isn’t a fan of the 21-hour flight there and who suffers jetlag like no one else… so I threw a bit of princess strop and insisted on business class. […]

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