Smith: the boutique-hotel bible?

For exactly 100 years, this year, the world has been unquestioningly accepting one of the oddest trends ever to infiltrate the hotel industry – the Gideons. Yes, the sneaky evangelists have been ‘placing’ their maroon preacher-pamphlets in bedside drawers for a century. We don’t know if the scripture-scattering organisation is planning some sort of party to celebrate, whether they’ll produce a special diamante-studded commemorative edition, or whether they’ve a bible-shaped cake on order, but the New Statesman (of all places) has chosen to mark the occasion with a short article.

New Statesman screen grab

The NS notes that ‘edgier’ boutique hotels have thus far managed to keep the Gideons at bay, and rang us up for a comment. We noted that, in the kind of hotel we’re into, the Kama Sutra would be more appropriate bed-time reading – which is certainly true, but, sadly, I doubt that anyone would be willing to set up an international non-profit organisation dedicated to the global dissemination of sex manuals. Now, that would be a missionary position indeed…

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Before joining Mr & Mrs Smith, managing editor Anthony Leyton was at The Independent, writing about universities for the Push Guides. As you can imagine, it was a tough task persuading him to exchange league tables for luxury holiday retreats and halls of residence for hip hotels. Anthony has penned pieces for publications both top-drawer (The Telegraph) and top-shelf (Fiesta), and he has had a love of travel ever since he found bullet holes in the walls of a hotel room in New Orleans. He also has too many pets. But that's another tale altogether.

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  2. angeline at 5:40 am

    If you don’t want to read it, you don’t have to. It’s not disturbing you at night, it’s not taking up your space, why bother to publish such a comment as an article?

    Personally I think I appreciate I have a bible rather than a kama sutra book. I on the other hand I’m into classier hotels. Also, I highly doubt the kind of hotels you refer to have to worry of what their clients are reading as they usually have other plans than to read.

  3. Anthony Author at 1:49 pm

    Oh I don’t know, Angeline, I’m sure there’s a happy medium: there’s some really raunchy stuff in Esther. And the Song of Solomon is practically Emannuelle. Maybe the Gideons could produce an abridged version with just the kinky bits, and then everyone would be happy…

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