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Travel gallery: the views Outback

Posted by Anthony Leyton on February 26th, 2009

Late last year, we dispatched our antipodean hotel expert, Sam, on a mission to uncover the best boutique hotels in Australia. She not only uncovered some of the most mind-blowingly stylish stays south of the equator, she also proved to be pretty handy with a camera.

Back at Smith HQ, we were braced for politely nodding our way through yet another round of holiday snaps, but Sam pulled some startling National Geographic-worthy images out of the bag. There were far too many to post here, but here’s a selection from her adventures in the Red Centre, the Kimberly, and the Top End

The Cockburn Range – El Questro Homestead

The Cockburn Range, Australia


Sunrise over Bamurru Plains

Bamarru Plains sunset


The Chamberlain River – El Questro Homestead

Chamberlain River by night


Branco’s Lookout – El Questro Homestead

Outback river


Kata Tjuta – Longitude 131º

Kata Tjuta, Red Centre


Buffalo at sunrise – Bamurru Plains

Buffalo at sunset


Baob Tree – El Questro Homestead

Boab Tree, Australian Outback


Wetlands – Bamurru Plains

Bamurru Plains, Australia

If, like us, you’re feeling inspired by Sam’s photo-tour of the Australian Outback, and fancy checking out the wonders down under for yourself, then have a look at Mr & Mrs Smith’s Australia hotel collection as well as our selection of self-catering rentals.  Each luxurious property has been cherry-picked by Sam; and, as you can see from these shots, she’s got an eye for the dramatic…

Keep your eye on our blog for more fantastic images from our hotel-hunting adventures – we promise to post more as soon as our photographic skills are up to Sam’s standard. Which could take a while…

Pictures: ©Samantha Anderson 2008


17 Responses to “Travel gallery: the views Outback”

  1. Sam surely has an eye for the dramatic. Stunning images, especially the sunrise over Bamurru Plains.

    By Erica

  2. Hmmm. Photos remind me quite of Africa…

    By jen laceda

  3. Beautiful! I especially like the one of Kata Tjuta.

    By minnemom

  4. Love the photo of the wetlands. I’m a big fan of the Outback, having spent quite a bit of time there myself. Nothing like a bit of open space to really open your mind and heart!

    By Beth Whitman

  5. You’re right you can’t just nod your way through these pictures, they’re awesome.

    By Carolina

  6. Wow, these are stunning. I especially liked the nighttime shot of the Chamberlain River

    By DeliciousBaby

  7. Great shots but I like the wetlands picture most

    By Stormcry

  8. Beautiful photos, that wetland photo is fantastic! Well done.

    By Kiwi

  9. I’ve traveled a great deal in Australia, and love the country and the people; but what beautiful pictures such as these can’t show is the unbelievable swarms of flies, and heat!

    By Charles Corum

  10. Stunning. Simply stunning. Having never been to Australia, these shots remind me some of Africa too. Especially the baob tree. Thanks for these.
    : )

    By Jackie

  11. Might want to do a bit of homework. No such thing as buffalo in Australia, mate.

    By Decker

  12. @Decker

    Au contraire, Australia has one of the world’s largest free-ranging populations of feral water buffalo (bubulus bubalis, taxonomy fans) in the world. So ner.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone, pretty pics are clearly the way forward, blog-wise. I just hope Sam doesn’t give up her work here at Smith and go pro…

    By Anthony

  13. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone, there are plenty more where they came from. Stay tuned for the next series….

    By Sam

  14. @everyone – yes thanks very much for your comments – if you feel super extra nice today, please do vote for us in the Lonely Planet travel blog awards! link below – scroll down to the ‘best group authored blog’ nominations and click on to save us from coming last! Thanks;-)

    By Lucy

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    By Inspiring Travel Blog Carnival

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  17. Wonderful picture sharing in this blog.they’re awesome..


    By Diana Gianao

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