Passports with Purpose: Win a $100 gift card

passports486x60The Global Shortlist hotel collectionLast year, the Smith Luxury Travel Blog hooked up with Passports with Purpose – a cunning fundraising initiative fresh from the brains of some of our favourite fellow travel bloggers (including the terrific Debbie from DeliciousBaby), in the hope of filling a piggy bank in aid of deserving causes around the world. It was a staggering, champagne-popping success, and they’re keen for a repeat performance this year.

Basically, it’s like a giant international web raffle. Debbie and co have been politely pestering their online friends to provide covetable prizes – this year’s haul includes Flip mini video cameras, portable digital TVs, and a whole lotta luggage – and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning something is to visit Passports with Purpose, pick your prize and donate $10 via PayPal.Get a Room gift card

This year, all money raised will go straight to American Assistance for Cambodia, who will put it towards the $13,000 it needs to build a school in the poverty-stricken rural areas of the country – a good cause if ever there was one.

This year, Mr & Mrs Smith will be donating a $100 Get a Room! gift card, which can be used towards booking any of the devilishly romantic boutique hotels in the Smith collection. Not only, that, we’re also throwing in a copy of The Global Shortlist – our coffee-table guide to the 30 most stylish stays around the world. Not bad for 10 bucks…

So, if you’d like $100 off your next luxury break, fancy any of the other fantabulous prizes on offer, or just want to tell everyone you built a Cambodian school, please enter now.

If you win, you’ll be notified on 5 January. Just in time to alleviate that post-Christmas come-down…

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Before joining Mr & Mrs Smith, managing editor Anthony Leyton was at The Independent, writing about universities for the Push Guides. As you can imagine, it was a tough task persuading him to exchange league tables for luxury holiday retreats and halls of residence for hip hotels. Anthony has penned pieces for publications both top-drawer (The Telegraph) and top-shelf (Fiesta), and he has had a love of travel ever since he found bullet holes in the walls of a hotel room in New Orleans. He also has too many pets. But that's another tale altogether.

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