Silver Jet: one of the best cocktail recipes from the Aviator hotel's Sky Bar

High-flying cocktail recipes from Aviator hotel

Aviator hotel's Sky BarLooking to impress with your cocktail-making skills this weekend? The master mixologists from the stylish Sky Bar at the Aviator hotel in Farnborough have created a fleet of signature drinks; we’ve got two of their top cocktail recipes to share with you.

As with all the best drinks, there’s a story behind each one; Sky Bar’s head bartender, Ben, told us the origins of two of Aviator hotel’s bespoke bar creations…

Silver Jet: one of the best cocktail recipes from the Aviator hotel's Sky BarThe Silver Jet was inspired by a dream, said Ben. It’s a fiery combination of ginger beer and tequila, and it’s an award-winner. The Silver Jet took third place in Patron Tequila’s 2009 cocktail competition.

1.5oz Patron Silver
0.75oz vanilla syrup
0.75oz lime juice
splash of ginger beer
Garnish Red chilli on rim
Shake tequila, vanilla and lime over ice and fine strain into chilli rimmed glass. Top up with a little ginger beer and stir gently.

Aviator hotel's best cocktail recipes: Red PetalThe fruity Red Petal blends fresh raspberries laced with Skyy vodka and Mandarine Napoleon liqueur. Sky Bar’s Ben created the cocktail for a ‘glamorous lady’ who was staying at the Aviator and looking for something new. Ooh er.

5 fresh raspberries
1oz Skyy vodka
1oz Mandarine Napoleon liqueur
1oz lime juice
0.5oz gomme
0.25oz maraschino liqueur
Garnish Orange wheel
Muddle raspberries in base of shaker. Add ingredients and shake with ice. Fine strain into martini glass.

Looking for more cocktails to add to your personal recipe repertoire? Drink like a Dane with the Copenhagen Cocktail recipe or learn how to mix the perfect martini in London.

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