Hôtel Lous Grits: hotel of the week

Why stay put when you can stay elsewhere? Here’s Hôtel Lous Grits, a little bit of French bliss to kick-start your weekend wanderlust…

Style Hôtel de charme
Setting Mediaeval Marsolan

Why this week? We’ve teamed up with The Guardian and Observer so that you can stay here for two nights… and only pay for one.

Our favourite bits We love the mother-daughter team (Martine and Marie) who run the hotel. Marie cooks the delicious meals, Martine will introduce you to the bar’s stash of Armagnac – both will welcome you so warmly you’ll feel as though you’re bedding down at a relatives’. We love this countryside manor’s peace and quiet, plus its views – the best of which come courtesy of the Armarijo and Contoleso rooms, where you’d be happy just pulling up a chair and gazing at the countryside for entertainment.

Mr & Mrs Smith say… ‘Arrive at sunset if you can. You see, when you stay at Hôtel Lous Grits you don’t just get a room, you get your own mediaeval hilltop village, as close as I’ve seen to Tuscany outside of Tuscany. It gives the impression of being abandoned, but not in any sinister, Scooby-Doo sense – more in a way that whispers, in a sultry French accent, ‘And now, you may relax’.

We can only have seen three or four people outside the hotel during our stay and they were all seasoned hikers, passing through. I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a ‘bosky dell’ before but I’m pretty sure there is one just down the hill, replete with freshwater spring grotto – presumably what attracted those few settlers here hundreds of years ago and persuaded them never to tell anyone else where they had dropped anchor…’

Read the full review of Hôtel Lous Grits. Find more properties in Gers, or search all our hotel offers. Find all the hotels featured in our two-for-one promotion with the Guardian and Observer…

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