Samode Palace hotel in Jaipur

New for June: Smith hotels in Italy, France, the UK, the US, Peru, Malaysia, Fiji and India

Number Thirty Eight hotel in BristolThis month, we added several stylish UK stays to our handpicked hotel collection: Number Thirty Eight, a boutique Bristol townhouse; the very pretty Vine House in Norfolk; The Cranley Hotel, a particularly genteel Londoner; and Belgraves, a little slice of the Big Apple in the heart of Belgravia. Then, we popped across the channel to find Résidence Nell, a chic Parisian design den, and in Northern Italy we fell in love with L’Albereta, a glamorous ivy-clad villa on a vine-covered hilltop in Brescia.

Lake Titicaca view | Titilaka hotel in Peru

Over in the US, California gave us the romantic and luxurious Farmhouse Inn and the eco-friendly H2 Hotel, both in the wine country of Sonoma. Down by the beach in the Florida Keys we found a minimalist bayside beauty called Casa Morada. In Peru, Titilaka hotel – a retreat on the banks of the mighty Lake Titicaca – captured our imaginations with its unique views.

In Asia, we island-hopped our way to Gayana Eco Resort, a Malaysian stilt-villa hideaway, then in Fiji we lounged by the water in Likuliku Lagoon Resort‘s serene and stylish bungalows. Finally, we were off to India, where the glittering Samode Palace just north of Jaipur caught our eye.

Samode Palace hotel in JaipurCheck back in May for a host of new Smith hotels from all over the globe: we’re off to the Maldives, Australia, Thailand, Morocco, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Argentina, the US and the UK.

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