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For the long-haul: our top in-flight travel tips

Posted by Lucy Fennings on October 24th, 2012

Long-haul flights – no one likes them, because, well, they’re long. But let’s face it, those dreamy winter-sun destinations and idyllic, palm-fringed beaches can’t come to you. Here are our top in-flight travel tips, from high-flying tech to won’t-budge, won’t-smudge Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation

Long haul travel tipsAt Mr & Mrs Smith, we’ve done our fair share of globe-spanning journeys in the name of research, so now that we’ve teased you with far-flung private islands, must-go heritage sites and out-of-this-world safari stays, it’s only fair that we share what we’ve learned about surviving – and enjoying – your journey there.

Sounds obvious, but comfort is a massive factor. Choose your airline carefully and book the best seats you can afford – check out Skytrax or for up-to-date airline reviews and seating charts. Consider upgrading one-way on a night flight so you can get some decent shut-eye and arrive feeling refreshed; this is especially worth it when you’re flying east and more prone to jet-lag. Avoid peak-time travel (weekends, school holidays and Mondays) and you’re more likely to have a quiet flight.Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation

If you’re meeting someone important when you land or spending 8 hours sitting next to the one you love, the no-make-up/tracksuit thing is not an option. A long-lasting foundation that gives great coverage without that ‘caked on’ look will not only disguise tired or uneven skin but protect it, too. Estée Lauder’s cult Double Wear foundation (left), is the go-to product for busy beauties – just ask any flight attendant – because it stays put for up to 15 hours, doesn’t smudge off on clothes, and even has SPF 10. Win.

Get your eyes in on the act, too, with a slick of mascara and a dab of double-duty concealer to minimise under-eye shadows. Compact, double-action products are perfect for on-board touch-ups; and – here’a great tip – you can get a brilliant Estée Lauder two-in-one wand with Sumptuous mascara at one end and Double Wear concealer at the other free if you buy some foundation at the airport (see below for more details*).

Wear comfortable clothes in breathable fabrics. Chic jersey or cashmere-mix separates that you can layer are perfect – Lucza‘s practical dresses (pictured top) are spot-on. Leggings (yes, still) can be worn under a little dress and whipped off when you reach your destination; great for keeping your pins warm on frigid night flights.

Lily and Lionel scarf

Take an oversize multi-tasking wrap to fend off in-flight chills: a cosy cashmere version (Travelwraps are excellent) can double as a comfy blanket en route and keep you warm in cooler climes; a large lightweight silk scarf can also be used as sarong on the beach – fashionista-approved Lily and Lionel scarves (from £65–£155, above) are beautiful and come in a variety of prints and sizes.

Water, water, water: dehydration is the enemy – it will leave you fatigued, fuzzy-minded and frazzled – and the only way to fight it is by drinking plenty of good old H2O. Apply the same logic to nails, hair and skin: use a facial spritz to combat dry cabin air; liberally apply a good-quality serum – try spreading a few drops of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair onto hands and pressing into your skin to refresh and hydrate – and smear on a little lip balm. Something rich in shea butter is ideal; the Lip Conditioner by Estée Lauder is a good example.

DVD box sets

Load your iPad with all those box sets and multi-season shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on: Boardwalk EmpireDownton Abbey; Homeland; The Wire and Game of Thrones are all on our must-watch list.

Bose Noise-Cancelling headphonesGood headphones such as Bose’s QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling ones, £299.95 (right), will make the experience infinitely more pleasurable. A Kindle or similar packed with amazing reads will also pay dividends both in the air and on the ground.

Estée Lauder Double Wear make-up

Estée Lauder Double Wear sample gift

Flying long-haul soon? Find your perfect match at UK airports: at Estée Lauder counters you can get a complimentary foundation consultation with an Estée Lauder consultant to find your perfect shade and finish; and, if you buy a foundation, you’ll get a free dual-ended product combining Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Concealer and Sumptuous Extreme Mascara while stocks last.

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