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crowninnYou know what you like to buy and you’re no sucker for marketing… Do you shun the red sale stickers on discounted produce at the supermarket? Do you laugh in the face of Bogof offers in Boots, resisting the urge to hoard toothpaste for the sake of a pound or so? Well, this is one deal you don’t want to pass you by. We’ve finally persuaded the great and the good of boutique hotels to offer Mr & Mrs Smith members two nights for the price of one.

riadjahanFor the first time ever, many of our hotels in the UK, France and Morocco are letting you stay in their beautiful boutique boltholes for a whole two nights, and charging for just one. You can book the wonderful Riad Jahan, for example, for just £70 for a two-night stay.

Late-summer sun, an autumnal country escape or a sophisticated city break – whatever your wanderlust requires, our two-for-one selection can help. Opt for a rustic retreat, a regal riad or a designer den in the French capital.

muranoWe’ve dangled this particular carrot only once before – in the Telegraph last year – but the phone rang off the hook, availability disappeared faster than you could say ‘superior suite for two nights please’ and basically there just wasn’t enough two-for-one love to go around. Our solution? Keep it exclusive – make it a members-only affair. So, if you’re not already signed up, you’ll need to join. BlackSmith membership costs only £15, which is a no-brainer really, when you could be saving three figures on this deal alone. Plus, members earn money back to spend on their next booking with our version of a loyalty scheme, the Vault.

But wait. Since we are in a generous mood, we’ve decided to give away 10 free Blacksmith memberships to Travel Blog readers – that’s you, that is. So, if you want to get your mitts on a shiny black Smith card and, more importantly, access to our two-for-one offers, just leave us a comment and we’ll email you with info.

The secret password was mailed to members on 14 September. If you don’t have the password, find it on the members’ home page (you may need to log in). Check out the full list of two-for one hotels and, when you’ve picked your perfect stay, call our expert Smith24 team on 0845 034 0700.

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