Hotel of the week: the Spire

As Britain’s temperature pauses at a shiver-inducing low, there’s just one thing on our minds: escape. New Zealand's colour-rich countryside and sweeping coasts are calling…

Hotel of the week: Castello di Vicarello

Sometimes, the word ‘hotel’ feels mighty inadequate. When describing Castello di Vicarello for instance: a mediaeval castle that’s magical, rustic, romantic, luxurious, warmly welcoming, irresistible…
Detox spa tips: Principe Forte dei Marmi, Italy, Versilia

Top detox tips: we ask the health spa and beauty experts

Detox spa tips: Principe Forte dei Marmi, Italy, VersiliaWe all know it’s traditional to begin the new year with a detox regime – but there’s no need to cringe in fear: it doesn’t have to be a painful week of cabbage-broth concoctions, brutally early running sessions and caffeine-withdrawal headaches.

As part of our bumper spa guide series, we’ve grilled the world’s health and beauty experts for their quick-fix detox tips, including advice on the products that really work. Alternatively, just check into one of their luxury hotel spas and cheat – they’ve highlighted the best treatments to book, too…


Beauty Manager Francesca Gordon

Instant makeover – what’s your favourite way to look better fast?
I never go a day without wearing my Bare Minerals Foundation. It looks so natural everyone thinks you are naturally flawless, and a hint of blusher makes such a difference.

Quick-fix detox tips?
– Start the day by body brushing (always towards the heart) to stimulate your circulation.
– Drink 1.5–2 litres of water per day: fill a 2-litre bottle of water in the morning and sip this throughout the day to ensure you are getting enough. It’s probably a shock how little water you actually drink!
– Swap your regular tea or coffee for green tea.
– Eat your five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day.

Calcot Manor spa pool – CotswoldsBest detox treatment to book at Calcot Spa?
The Thalgo Algae Wrap. Using 100% Marine Algae, it feeds skin with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins. It aids detoxification whilst relieving muscular tension and boosts sluggish circulation. A relaxing yet effective treatment.

St Regis hotel Washington DC

Hotel of the week: St Regis DC

The way to our hearts is through our bellies, and this week we’re dying to try the award-winning delights at the St Regis hotel in Washington DC. January detox, us? You’re having a laugh…

St Regis hotel Washington DCStyle Old-world wow
Setting Right by the White House

Why this week? Until the end of February, Smith members can stay Friday and Saturday and then stick around for Sunday night free – without paying a penny. Alain Ducasse’s Adour restaurant has also been in the spotlight recently, winning no less than three awards, which named it one of the top five places to eat in Washington DC, and voted its baba pudding the best in town.

Listen up: TuneSmith’s musical recommendations for January

Welcome to 2011! Here to ring in the changes is TuneSmith Rob Wood, marking another step towards the future with a blast from the past…


Tron Legacy by Daft Punk

When? Online or off
It’s return-to-form cyberpunk funk

The future has never sounded so retro: Daft Punk are here to prove it. They pretty much changed the sound of ’90s clubbing with their vocodered disco-whigging, but somehow they’ve remained relevant, ignored the the copycats and have bodyswerved the commercial black hole that dance music careered into. Electronic acts such as Justice may have taken their sound a step further, but when it came to soundtracking the sequel to ’80s cyber-flick Tron, Daft Punk were a no-brainer.