Inside Copenhagen #3: mixologist Gromit Eduardsen on drinking in the Danish capital

Stylish bar 1105 mixologist Gromit Eduardsen – inventor of the delicious Copenhagen Cocktail – knows a thing or two about where to go for a good time. He shares his recipe for a top night out with Smith reviewer and travel blogger Heather Cowper

Bars in Copenhagen: 1105

If you were taking friends out dinner in Copenhagen, where would you go?
If I were entertaining other bartenders, I might take them to Mash, where they serve delicious Danish aged meats, or one of the Madklubben steak restaurants (there are branches across Copenhagen). My wife and I love Umami for the Asian-fusion cuisine, and Salon 39, a French restaurant with great cocktails.

And, where to for late-night drinks?
First we’d go to my own bar, 1105 (below): try the No 4, a classic Gin Rickey with an interesting twist of honey, black pepper and cardamom). Then, we might join the fashion crowd and drink fancy vodka at Simons — wear the latest Nordic designer labels if you want to fit in. Drinking in Copenhagen: Copenhagen Cocktail, 1105 barIf I had my young cousins visiting, we’d head to Karel to dance to chart hits. If electronic music’s your taste, go to Culture Box (right): they get the top DJs in from Berlin.

Tell us about your invention, the Copenhagen Cocktail.
I wanted to make a modern cocktail with interesting twists that everyone could enjoy. And, I wanted to challenge people’s preconceptions about Cherry Heering liqueur – a drink Queen Victoria enjoyed as an after-dinner tipple. I decided to mix it with Bols Genever, the original form of gin used in cocktails in the 1800s; it’s a little off the radar these days. It’s been served at 1105 since we won; friends in New York, Sydney, London, Tokyo – and, or course, at bars in Copenhagen – serve it, too.

Copenhagen Cocktail recipe ingredients: Cherry HeeringThe Copenhagen Cocktail recipe

50ml Bols Genever
20ml Cherry Heering Liqueur
20ml fresh pressed lime juice
20ml sugar syrup (Monin)
1 dash Angostura bitters

Shake with ice, then strain into a martini glass. Carefully add a slice of organic orange peel so that it floats on top of the your cocktail.


Bars in Copenhagen: Culture Box1105 4 Kristen Bernikows Gade (+45 3393 1105)
Mash 20 Bredgade (+45 3313 9300)
Madklubben 66 Store Kongensgarde (+45 3332 3234)
Umami 59 Store Kongensgade (+45 3338 7500)
Salon 39 39 Vodroffsvej (+45 3920 8039)
Simons 14 Store Strandstraede (+45 5338 9003)
Karel 16 Lille Kongensgade (+45 3311 2020)
Culture Box 54 Kronprinsessegade (+45 3332 5050)

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  1. John at 1:35 am

    Definitely a cool post. I can’t wait to venture out into Europe and see what kind of drinks are really the go-to guy for a night out in town.

  2. Alison at 8:31 pm

    LOL – when I passed the Copenhagen cocktail recipe on I actually included:

    20ml Cherry Herring Liqueur

    Imagine the confused comments I began to recieve!


  3. Arnie at 11:44 pm

    My wife and I were in Copenhagen in 2006. I wish we would have had this guide then. We didn’t come across any of these places that I’m aware of.

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