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Oundle Mill

Simmer down, people – this is, after all, about the freebies you get with consecutive sleeps (nothing to do with chain-laying hotties, nor plural hay bales). But we’re excited. Three nights for the price of two: that’s what we’ve been doling out to Daily Telegraph readers, weaving smartly Smith-like passwords into three issues of the broadsheet last week.ME Madrid

But enough Fleet Street favouritism and loyalty-seeking encryption… Now we’re extending the three-for-two love to the mighty blog. We want to give you all the chance to experience some lovely Smith hotels for less: more than 100, in fact, in 15 countries, including the UK, Morocco, South Africa and a medley of Continentals.

The travel maths makes perfect sense. You can save hundreds of euro on a three-night stay at The Gray in Milan, for triadjahanexample, and blow the extra, guilt-free, in the modish city’s designer boutiques. Take the rand you save on a spring break to Hawksmoor House amid South Africa’s vineyards and invest it in Stellenbosch wines to ship home for Christmas. Whether you fancy a few days holed up at Oundle Mill in Northamptonshire, a long weekend at Riad Jahan in Morocco, or a culture fix in the warmer climes of the Spanish capital at ME Madrid, with this offer, your third night is free, gratis, on the house.

All you need to claim your 33 per cent off are the three passwords – small, stylish and secret. Exactly like our hotels… See the full list of hotels taking part.

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