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The hotel is just the beginning. New bespoke itineraries from Mr & Mrs Smith combine boutique stays with unique experiences for holidays in Italy, India, Sri Lanka and Morocco. Zip through the hills of Florence in your own Alfa Romeo GTV Spider, or, if riding atop a camel is more your speed, go glamping in the Sahara – there are packages for both. And if that’s not compelling enough, here are half a dozen reasons to go all in on an itinerary.

1 The options are better than ever.

In the old days, booking a travel package evoked visions of endless guided tours, visits to tourist-mobbed sites, and even worse, cheesy theme trips (there’s still a Caribbean cruise just for cat lovers… and no, felines aren’t allowed on board). Today, however, you can book a full itinerary that’ll have you gliding along the backwaters of Kerala, India, shopping Moroccan souks from Marrakech to Fez, and sleeping in a Coppola family home in Basilicata, Italy.

2 They’re ideal if you want to explore more than one area in a destination.

If you’re looking to simply fly and flop (on a beach in, say, Tulum or Belize), then booking a single hotel makes sense. But if it’s your first time in Sri Lanka and you’d like to explore the capital city of Colombo and check out the ancient treasures of the Cultural Triangle and amble up the mountains of Kandy, a pre-planned itinerary will ensure you cover all the ground (figuratively and literally) that you’re hoping to experience.

3 Leave the stress to the pros.

Booking a few hotels is one thing, but arranging train travel from New Delhi to Ranthambore National Park or snagging a table for high tea at the Grand Palace in Jaipur is another matter altogether (both are included in the Classic Rajasthan itinerary). You’ll spend hours researching and organising the hour-by-hour details of your adventure. Or, you can leave all the particulars to the travel specialist who’s arranging your itinerary and head on your holiday already chilled out.

4 You can still customise your trip.

Opting for a full-itinerary holiday doesn’t mean you’re locked into a one-size-fits-all getaway. With the Mr & Mrs Smith itineraries you can add extra nights, request a room upgrade, plan a private meal or tack on few extra spa treatments (we like your style). Think of the proposed trip as a starting point and from there you can tweak the details to your liking.

5 It’s easier to budget for your holiday.

One booking for all your hotels and transfers means it doesn’t exactly take a ‘numbers guy’ (or gal) to keep track of your expenses. Aside from flights, you’ll have all your upfront costs bundled together. That way, you’ll know exactly how much cash you’ll have to spend on extra bottles of red during your gourmet getaway in Puglia.

6 There’s no need to go with a group.

Banish any thoughts of a tour guide holding up a flag as you and a dozen other tourists follow behind in a herd. Itinerary-led trips used to mean you had join a group – usually made up of strangers – to reap the benefits of a mapped-out experience. This new wave of adventures, however, can be booked by couples or individual families.  No tour guide flags, no small talk, no waiting for Carol and Jim from Texas to finish up in the museum gift shop. You and your family are the masters of your itinerary.

Featured image is Delhi, India

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