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Anna Richardson, the presenter of ‘My Big Fat Diet Show’ and author of ‘Anna Richardson’s Body Blitz’ is running an exclusive diet workshop, Body Blitz and Beyond, in Kensington this Saturday, 19 June. We’re a sucker for celebrities revealing their holiday secrets, and a piece on piqued our interest when we spotted Anna’s bikini-body tips on the blog for her local London neighbourhood

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
I have an obsession with the Balearics. I’ve filmed around the world and been to some amazing places, but there’s something about the magic of Ibiza that makes me feel at home, spiritually. It has a very peculiar energy and is totally open to art in all its guises – or maybe that’s just something the hippies told themselves when they were tripping there in the ’60s.

There are some stunning places to stay, including Can Curreu which I reviewed for you, by Las Dalias market, or Les Terrasses on the road to Santa Eulalia, which Charles reviewed, if you prefer boho chic. Mallorca is also becoming a firm favourite – although it’s a much larger island than its counterpart – and is great if you want some city action with your beach life. The ultimate city to visit for a holiday? Surely New York – I could spend some serious time there.

Now you’ve got us in the mood to go away, any insider tips for looking your best in a bikini?
I’m running an exclusive diet workshop, Body Blitz and Beyond, in Kensington this Saturday with celebrity hypnotherapist and author Marisa Peer, Channel 4 recipe guru Justine Pattison and stylist Rachel Staveley – that should provide a few insider secrets. (Pictured left, Heidi Klein bikini available from Matches.)

You recently went to Thailand with your other half, Charles Martin. As well as directing some of the episodes of our TV series ‘The Smiths Hotels for 2’ for Discovery Travel + Living, he’s about to work on the ‘Skins’ movie, yes? And, most excitingly for us, he reviewed for our forthcoming South-East Asia book…
Yes indeed, Charles is about to direct the Skins movie for Film 4 – his debut feature film. We had a break in Thailand earlier this year before he gets sucked into filming, and we loved it. It’s the first time I’ve been to Asia so we took it pretty easy and did the usual tourist destinations: Phuket and then Koh Phi Phi before flying on to Singapore. We reviewed the most gob-smacking hotel in Phuket for Mr & Mrs Smith – The Pavilions (pictured, right). Yes, it may sound like an ’80s holiday resort but let me tell you it was quite possibly the most extraordinary taste of luxury I’ve ever encountered. Imagine: a series of individual villas perched on a quiet hillside; a personal butler; a bedroom that opens onto a bespoke infinity pool that overlooks the ocean; an individual team of spa assistants; polished concrete, orchids and your own shoal of fish? Need I go on? I don’t think I’ve ever done so much naked swimming. Now I can rest easy knowing exactly how a footballer’s wife feels. It was heaven!

And for those who can’t make it?
I would absolutely advise a few sessions of iLipo – a body-contouring procedure that guarantees inch loss with no pain, no needles and no down time. I’ve tried every weight-loss treatment going and as a lazy slob who wants to look passable in a bikini I can hand on heart say that this works. It’s temporary – but it works! (Pictured left – yowzers!)

You like your shopping, we’ve heard. Where are your favourite places to go while you’re away?
I love, love, love markets – antiques, collectibles, vintage and also food markets. There’s just so much to try, feel, touch, eat and poke around. A sensory bombardment. Try Las Dalias in Ibiza, the Brooklyn Flea in New York, the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA, and Les Puces de Saint-Ouen in Paris.

And any other sneaky travel tips for us?
I always travel with my three Ts: tiger’s eye stone (for luck); Tiger Balm (for headaches, sprains and mosquito bites); and tarot cards. You’d be amazed how many friends I’ve made abroad by flashing a tarot pack. Particularly useful when needing an upgrade!

Anna’s book ‘Body Blitz Diet’ is £14.95 and published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

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