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Late last year, we dispatched our antipodean hotel expert, Sam, on a mission to uncover the best boutique hotels in Australia. She not only uncovered some of the most mind-blowingly stylish stays south of the equator, she also proved to be pretty handy with a camera.

Back at Smith HQ, we were braced for politely nodding our way through yet another round of holiday snaps, but Sam pulled some startling National Geographic-worthy images out of the bag. There were far too many to post here, but here’s a selection from her adventures in the Red Centre, the Kimberly, and the Top End

The Cockburn Range – El Questro Homestead

The Cockburn Range, Australia


Sunrise over Bamurru Plains

Bamarru Plains sunset


The Chamberlain River – El Questro Homestead

Chamberlain River by night


Branco’s Lookout – El Questro Homestead

Outback river


Kata Tjuta – Longitude 131º

Kata Tjuta, Red Centre


Buffalo at sunrise – Bamurru Plains

Buffalo at sunset


Baob Tree – El Questro Homestead

Boab Tree, Australian Outback


Wetlands – Bamurru Plains

Bamurru Plains, Australia

If, like us, you’re feeling inspired by Sam’s photo-tour of the Australian Outback, and fancy checking out the wonders down under for yourself, then have a look at Mr & Mrs Smith’s Australia hotel collection as well as our selection of self-catering rentals.  Each luxurious property has been cherry-picked by Sam; and, as you can see from these shots, she’s got an eye for the dramatic…

Keep your eye on our blog for more fantastic images from our hotel-hunting adventures – we promise to post more as soon as our photographic skills are up to Sam’s standard. Which could take a while…

Pictures: ©Samantha Anderson 2008

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  • Sam surely has an eye for the dramatic. Stunning images, especially the sunrise over Bamurru Plains.

  • Hmmm. Photos remind me quite of Africa…

  • Beautiful! I especially like the one of Kata Tjuta.

  • Love the photo of the wetlands. I’m a big fan of the Outback, having spent quite a bit of time there myself. Nothing like a bit of open space to really open your mind and heart!

  • Carolina

    You’re right you can’t just nod your way through these pictures, they’re awesome.

  • Wow, these are stunning. I especially liked the nighttime shot of the Chamberlain River

  • Stormcry

    Great shots but I like the wetlands picture most

  • Beautiful photos, that wetland photo is fantastic! Well done.

  • Charles Corum

    I’ve traveled a great deal in Australia, and love the country and the people; but what beautiful pictures such as these can’t show is the unbelievable swarms of flies, and heat!

  • Stunning. Simply stunning. Having never been to Australia, these shots remind me some of Africa too. Especially the baob tree. Thanks for these.
    : )

  • Decker

    Might want to do a bit of homework. No such thing as buffalo in Australia, mate.

  • @Decker

    Au contraire, Australia has one of the world’s largest free-ranging populations of feral water buffalo (bubulus bubalis, taxonomy fans) in the world. So ner.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone, pretty pics are clearly the way forward, blog-wise. I just hope Sam doesn’t give up her work here at Smith and go pro…

  • Sam

    Thanks for your lovely comments everyone, there are plenty more where they came from. Stay tuned for the next series….

  • @everyone – yes thanks very much for your comments – if you feel super extra nice today, please do vote for us in the Lonely Planet travel blog awards! link below – scroll down to the ‘best group authored blog’ nominations and click on to save us from coming last! Thanks;-)

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  • Wonderful picture sharing in this blog.they’re awesome..