Unwind at seven heavenly Smith hotels offering Ayurvedic spa treatments steeped in ancient Indian spirituality



Style Afro/Asian finca

Setting Backcountry oasis

Spa treatment Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

What it involves A tasty concoction of sesame oil and powder of Calamus (Indian root) is slathered on during this full body massage, whilst also incorporating stretching yoga moves. The ultimate antidote to Ibizan excesses, this boutique hotel’s healing treatment is said to help increase energy, stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation, loosen joints and muscles – and oxygenate the body through the practice of deep breathing. Smith tip: enjoy an evening massage to the tune of a glowing Balearic sunset.

Cost €130 for one hour 30 minutes.

Atzaró in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain


Baglioni Hotel

Style Italian elegance

Setting Parkside Kensington

Spa treatment The Ayurveda Rejuvenation Journey

What it involves To re-boot and re-balance a stressed-out body, Baglioni Hotel offers an Aurvedic-Western treatment journey that can last for minutes, hours, or even be balanced over the duration of your stay. One of their Ayurvedic techniques, The Shiroda, involves a continuous stream of warm oil poured sensuously over the forehead’s ‘third eye’. Used in conjunction with ESPA facial treatments, this is total rescue-remedy for the soul.

Cost £30 for 25 minutes.

Baglioni Hotel in London, United Kingdom


Hotel Omm

Style Architect-designed detail

Setting Art nouveau side street

Spa treatment Dosha Ayurvedic Massage

What it involves A special blend of essential oils refresh and restore the skin and soul, in this Barcelona boutique hotel’s signature massage. The perfect dip-in-the-rooftop-pool dénouement, this treatment uses oils tailored to the individual – and focuses on the body’s Marma points (similar to the pressure points in reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure) to bring balance, energy and a whole lot of holistic harmony to your holiday.

Cost €90 for one hour, €130 for one hour 30 minutes.

Hotel Omm in Barcelona, Spain



Style Subtle, soothing and smart

Setting Medside Limassol

Spa treatment Ayurveda and Marma Points Massage

What it involves Indian massage stimulates the ‘Marma points’ (areas of the body that correspond to internal organs and systems) to boost and balance the body’s flow of energy. The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda practised at this Cyprus boutique hotel not only combats muscle pain and headaches, it gives stress a good kick too. Karmic soul-pampering in a sunshine setting. We like.

Cost £65 for One hour 20 minutes.

Londa in Limassol, Cyprus


Masseria Torre Coccaro

Style Refined fortress

Setting Sea-scented olive groves

Spa treatment Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

What it involves Inspired by Indian philosophy, even the most committed massage connoisseur couldn’t fail to be overwhelmed by this head-to-toe treat. In a blend of Thai, ayurvedic and sports massage, warm oils luxuriously balance physically and psychologically; deep manipulation of the hands, feet and arms induce pure relaxation nirvana at this beautiful Italian hide-away.

Cost €130 for one hour 30 minutes, €100 for one hour.

Masseria Torre Coccaro in Puglia, Italy


Pershing Hall

Style Luxe à la mode

Setting Eighth arrondissement

Spa treatment Shirotchampi Massage

What it involves The luxuriously intensive Shirotchampi Ayurvedic technique offered at this Parisian 19th-century mansion massages the head, face and shoulders with warm scented oils. In harmony with the Ayurvedic philosophy that massage brings energy and balance, the Shirotchampi sweeps away tensions in the head, neck, shoulders and back. Whether you let your hair down alone or book a couples’ treatment, this is the perfect secret soothing weapon after a busy day treading the Parisian streets.

Cost €105 for one hour.

Pershing Hall in Paris, France


Sun Rocks

Style Honeymooners’ paradise
Setting Carved from the caldera basin

Spa treatment Kerala Treatment

What it involves Using lightly-heated and individually-personalised medicated oil, this Greek boutique offers an all-over ancient Ayurvedic massage to help improve circulation, promote metabolic activity and relax muscles. Toning up the body, this Sun Rocks speciality also alleviates fatigue and smoothes Santorini sun-kissed skin. (There is a five-day course to help combat rheumatism and migraines).

Cost €130 for one hour.


Sun Rocks in Santorini, Greece