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Yup, it’s that time again. No, not the weekend (though undeniably, ’tis also that), but instead, the moment when we cast our spotlight on this week’s best-in-show hotel. Having waxed lyrical about a cosy Norfolk cottage, a traditional Thames-side inn and a boutique Cotswolds guesthouse, we’re keen to get back to nature at our chosen charmer, Bamurru Plains, in Australia’s wildlife-teeming Top End.

Bamurru's enticing pool area

Style Glam safari
Setting Croc-filled bush

Why this week?
We’re bored of trying to spot rain approaching. We’d rather look out for kangaroos and crocs on safari during Australia‘s dry season (May–October), when the weather is less humid and thirsty animals gravitate towards the billabongs. And Mr & Mrs Smith members can enjoy one night’s stay at Bamurru Plains for free, with our current four-nights-for-the-price-of-three offer.

Bamurru's dining area

Our favourite bits?
We love the inviting infinity pool, the sociable, communal eating area (perfect for crocodile-spotting brags) and the bungalow boltholes. Top marks go to West 5, the bungalow furthest from the main lodge, for its secluded position and the great views of the wetlands that it offers.

A taster of the local wildlife

Mr & Mrs Smith say
‘There’s a good chance that you’ll see a crocodile while staying at Bamurru Plains, and you’re pretty likely to come across a wallaby, water buffalo or wild boar, too. This is safari Australian-style, and those pre-sunset 4×4 trips out into the bush are just as likely to result in ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’ and frenzied camera clicking as any journey into the African veldt. The camp itself is both stylish and comfortable, with kerosene lights and buffalo-horn door handles providing a nod towards authenticity. You’re all in it together here, so expect to share wildlife-sighting-yarns over high-end bush tucker, at the end of each day’s safari adventure.’

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  • Philippa

    Sorry, is it in Australia or Africa, I am a bit confused with mention of lions….it looks like a very cool place in any case.

  • Did we say lions? We meant kangaroos. A typo, of course. There’s only a few letters different…

  • Mark

    Oh dream time at its best! Whilst visiting the Top End, it is also worth considering a meeting with the Aboriginal Elders in the area. They have such a colorful approach to life and living and “dream-time stories” will stay with you long after you have left.