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Bendy bus boutique hotel – an April Fools joke!For those of you who are still in any doubt as to the veracity of our little news story about Boris Johnson and Mr & Mrs Smith’s bendy-bus boutique hotel yesterday, just a reminder: we were joking.

It was, of course, April Fools Day. Despite fears that you’d see straight through any japery after we set such a great precedent last year with our Buckingham Palace B&B press release (you wouldn’t believe how many members rang in to try to book a room chez Liz), we thought we’d carry on regardless. After all, we like to think we’ve still got a sense of humour at the rickety old age of six.

We are still chuckling here at Smith HQ – and we had some really hilarious feedback, as well as a few genuine booking enquiries, so thank you all for hopping on board and being such good sports (and for sharing your ill-concealed mockery of our mop-topped mayor).

10 best travel April Fools in the Times OnlineOur prank was even picked up by the press – we made two Top 10 April Fools lists and scored several mentions among the blogging and tweeting community. Times Online pegged us at number 4 in their post on The 10 best travel April fools, just above Holiday Lettings and their ‘Stay at Buckingham Palace’ effort.  Well, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Nice try, chaps.

The Daily Mail website also picked up the story, in their post April Fools’ Day: Top travel-themed holiday hoaxes revealed. Even Boris Watch – the site dedicated to following our favourite blundering blond buffoon – reported on the buses designed to take you to your dream destination (literally).

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Scarily, Bawadi, the huge Vegas-style hotel project in Dubai, is no mere mirage but a bona fide business plan – although it has apparently been put ‘on hold’ indefinitely. Fingers crossed someone somewhere has had a lightbulb moment and scrapped this genuine development, before the UAE desert is permanently clad in kilometres of concrete… Actually, maybe those buses weren’t such a far-fetched idea after all?

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