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As the rain turns to frost in London, our minds have wandered to a place where the warm Caribbean sun is always shining, a place where every electricity cable runs underground, golf buggies tackle the unpaved terrain instead of cars, it’s so safe doors are left unlocked, and everybody knows your name. It’s not the village from The Prisoner, it’s Mustique, where high season is just kicking off…

It might sound too good to be true, but in the case of Mustique, it really isn’t. This exclusive island community only has one guesthouse, and one hotel – our very own Cotton House, a coral colonial hideaway on the most private Grenadine.

The island is owned by the people who have built properties there, but they welcome visitors to their community with open arms, free cocktail parties on Tuesdays and barbecues every Saturday. The head count never goes much above 1,500, even with the annual influx of guests. There are 110 houses on the island, and any planning permission comes with an inevitably lengthy waiting list. Just as well there are 75 villas to hire. And you might just be rubbing shoulders with a certain newly engaged prince.

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