marrakech hammam rules and tips

How to hammam: get soaped and sloshed the right way

If you’ve never been lathered, scrubbed, rub-a-dub-dubbed, dunked in hot water, shoved in a steam room, flayed with a loofah, attacked with North African black soap, shampooed and massaged all over – we do mean *all* over – with argan oil, then you’ve never truly been clean.
the stages of jet lag

The 7 stages of modern jet lag

Top off your tea kettle; procure some melatonin – it's time to talk jet lag. While we've yet to develop a common cure (a blessed flannel blanket, perhaps?), we've skilfully dissected jet lag's seven-part progression below. Ready your well-travelled eyes… and maybe a pillow or two.
Find lavender beauty products while shopping in New Mexico at Los Poblanos Farm Shop

See the hotel with 25 acres of herbs

Could Los Poblanos in Albuquerque be the most relaxing hotel in the world? If you consider that the hotel is surrounded by 25 acres of lavender bushes and that the purple herb is touted for its calming effects, it's possible…
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