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CBD – they may be the three most popular letters in the wellness world at the moment. Short for cannabidiol, CBD has been infused into coffee, sweets, facial oils, mascara and even deodorant, and the reported benefits include reduced pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety. But as a traveller, what’s best to bring? And are you allowed to pack a product that comes from the cannabis plant?

First things first, CBD is totally legal for travel – even if you’re venturing outside California, Colorado and Amsterdam. Unlike its cannabinoid cousin THC, which comes from a different part of the cannabis plant, CBD is not psychoactive and won’t get you high. That being said, some CBD products also include THC, which could get you stopped at security. Make sure you’re carrying pure CBD to avoid any issues.

As for what to pack, we’ve got half a dozen ideas here for the CBD lover on the go…

Best CBD Products for Travel_Saint Jane

For hydration: Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum, $125
Flying can suck the life out of your skin. Combine low humidity levels in airplane cabins with the general stress of slogging your way through security and you’ve got a recipe that can wreak havoc on your complexion. To get your glow back, smooth a dropper of Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum onto your face and neck morning and night once you get to your destination. The serum is both calming and hydrating – two qualities your jet-setting skin could use.

Best CBD Products for Travel_Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs

For the bath: Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs, from $14 each
When your hotel room has a tub, take advantage by throwing these bath bombs in your bag. Life Elements makes their effervescent spheres in three different strengths: 50mg, 100mg or 200mg of CBD in each. With anti-inflammatory effects, one of these bubbling balls will feel especially soothing on tired muscles and joints after a long-haul flight or lengthy car ride.

Best CBD Products for Travel_Sunny Daze CBD Sunscreen

For the sun: Felix & Ambrosia Sunny Daze Sun Cream, from $15
CBD deodorant might be taking your cannabinoids a step too far (and we haven’t even told you about CBD lube yet – yep, it’s out there), but sunscreen makes sense. If you’re going to lather your entire body in cream, why not add the extra bonus of a relaxing ingredient? Sunny Daze is SPF 30, contains 250mg of CBD in each bottle and, conveniently, comes in a carry-on-friendly 2.5oz size.

Best CBD Products for Travel_Populum Zen Pets Hemp Oil

For furry friends: Populum Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil, $35
Travel isn’t always a cakewalk for cats and pups either. Give your four-legged friends a calm reprieve with this animal-friendly hemp oil. You can either mix it into Fido’s food or drop it right onto his tongue – the dosage has been designed specifically with cats and dogs in mind. Later on, you’ll be the most mellow pet-person combo at baggage claim.

Best CBD Products for Travel_Lord Jones Gumdrops

For your sweet tooth: Lord Jones Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops, $45
Gluten free, flavoured with natural citrus and berry essences, and genuinely delicious, these gummies are the tastiest way to ingest your CBD. Plus, they’re easy to pack (no need to worry about a tincture spilling) and – thanks to 20mg of CBD per pop – they’re known to make you feel exponentially more serene than any candy you’d grab at a roadside pitstop.

Best CBD Products for Travel_Gossamer Dusk

For jet lag: Gossamer Dusk, $65
If you’re hopping between time zones, give Gossamer’s nighttime tincture a go. The mix of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, full spectrum CBD, CBN (another non-psychoactive cannabinoid) and natural terpenes has been formulated to help you fall asleep. Just squeeze a dropper’s worth of Dusk under your tongue, wait 30 seconds, brush your teeth and catch some z’s.

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