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The Chedi Milan, lounge viewAnd another review (they’re coming thick and fast at the moment): this time, our Smith spies have been in La Bella Italia, in that most stylish of fashion capitals, Milan. They took refuge in the spankingly chic new urban resort in the up-and-coming Boviso district known as The Chedi Milan, and here’s a little excerpt from their report:

I have no idea why the Campari family have kept the ingredients secret for 150 years. Health & Safety should ensure that the ingredients to make it are published everywhere, else innocent people with a few random herbs in their larder and some cough syrup might make some Campari by accident. Is it really worth the risk?

While the actual drinking of Campari is irretrievably repulsive, everything else about sipping a Continental something at the Chedi’s horseshoe bar, including knowing that we were just about to head out for another sensational meal down by the canals of the Navigli, was about as downright cosmopolitan as it could have been. Milan is a city of style, and the Chedi is as sophisticated and elegant as a Prada tie…

As you know, we visit every property in our hand-picked hotel collection personally, and we get every one anonymously reviewed by a real-life couple to make sure they meet our sky-high expectations.

The Chedi Milan hotel restaurant

Our only brief to these intrepid boutique-hotel voyagers is to go with their own actual-factual Mr or Mrs Smith, check in anonymously, and have a rip-roaring, chandelier-swinging, window-shopping, pasta-eating, bed-testing, unguents-assessing time and then report back to us as candidly as, well, a candid person.

You can read the rest of the Chedi Milan review at the Mr & Mrs Smith main travel site (where we’ll also reveal the identity of our anonymous reviewer!). Ciao!

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