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Detox spa tips: Principe Forte dei Marmi, Italy, VersiliaWe all know it’s traditional to begin the new year with a detox regime – but there’s no need to cringe in fear: it doesn’t have to be a painful week of cabbage-broth concoctions, brutally early running sessions and caffeine-withdrawal headaches.

As part of our bumper spa guide series, we’ve grilled the world’s health and beauty experts for their quick-fix detox tips, including advice on the products that really work. Alternatively, just check into one of their luxury hotel spas and cheat – they’ve highlighted the best treatments to book, too…


Beauty Manager Francesca Gordon

Instant makeover – what’s your favourite way to look better fast?
I never go a day without wearing my Bare Minerals Foundation. It looks so natural everyone thinks you are naturally flawless, and a hint of blusher makes such a difference.

Quick-fix detox tips?
– Start the day by body brushing (always towards the heart) to stimulate your circulation.
– Drink 1.5–2 litres of water per day: fill a 2-litre bottle of water in the morning and sip this throughout the day to ensure you are getting enough. It’s probably a shock how little water you actually drink!
– Swap your regular tea or coffee for green tea.
– Eat your five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day.

Calcot Manor spa pool – CotswoldsBest detox treatment to book at Calcot Spa?
The Thalgo Algae Wrap. Using 100% Marine Algae, it feeds skin with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins. It aids detoxification whilst relieving muscular tension and boosts sluggish circulation. A relaxing yet effective treatment.

If you were a guest at your own spa, which treatment would you book?
Our Signature Treatment – Bliss. This Aromatherapy Associates treatment combines our full-body Aromatherapy Massage and rejuvenating pressure-point facial. Full body brushing commences the massage to stimulate circulation and aid absorption of the oils. It is two hours of total bliss!

Favourite detox products?
Thalgo Ocea Draine detox treatment courseA 10-day course of Thalgo’s Ocea Draine is a great way to detox after Christmas and New Year when you’ve over-indulged. Just drink a phial a day with a glass of orange juice in the morning for ten consecutive days. It’s 100% natural and really helps to detoxify and purify by encouraging drainage and elimination of toxins.


Italy spa hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi

Principe Spa Manager Ginevre Baldassari

Quick-fix detox tips?
Birch juice. And a lot of water!

How about taking your detox a bit further?
Eat plenty of fibre, antioxidants (broccoli, carrots, grapes, seeds, green vegetables, etc…), herbal and green teas, artichoke, fennel seeds, birch juice, dirnk one glass of red wine a day, and get lots of good and regular sleep.

Principe Forte dei Marmi boutique hotel, Versilia, ItalyWhat’s the best detox treatment to book in the Principe Spa?
The Bellefontaine Perfect Shape Body Treatment is excellent for treating water retention. It includes a gentle peeling with rare ingredients such as rodochrosite spheres and malachite minerals, the application of a special mud, and a lymphatic massage to stimulate circulation and improve the appearance of the skin.

If you were a guest at your own spa, which treatment would you book?

One of our wonderful Ayurvedic massages, and Bellefontaine Deep Hydrating Facial.


Spa Manager Margaretha Van den Broek

Favourite beauty products?
Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Body OilI’m a big fan of Ren products, particularly: F10 Smooth & Renew Peel Facial Mask; Keep Young & Beautiful Serum;  and the Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Moisture Body Oil.

Top detoxing tips?
Try a body scrub followed by a full-body wrap with detoxifying algae and a lymphatic drainage massage; for the skin, a facial steambath followed by manual extraction of impurities and a pore-minimising detox facial mask based on algae and clay.

To kick-start your body, try a yoga lesson including breathing exercises (Pranayama); follow with a sauna and/or steambath and, to eat, a freshly made fruit smoothie (without sugar) or a dense soup of only vegetables, blended in a mixer.

Don’t forget to detox your mind, too: switch off your telephone, television, radio and PC (yes you can!). Take a warm bath with calming essential oils (eg rose or sweet orange) and, before going to sleep, meditate for as long as you like in a silent room lit only with candles.

JK Capri spa hotelBest detox treatments to book?
Deep Drainage Body Wrap with liquid algae to detox and drain excess liquids; or the Cocktail d’Alghe Body Wrap to detox, shape and remineralise the body. Follow your body wrap with a complete Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Favourite detox products?
– Ren Pore Minimising Detox Mask (Face)
– Ren Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm
– Thal’ion Tisanes – either Drainage or Silhouette – these very tasty herbal teas are based on algae and herbs and have a draining or detoxifying/shaping effect)


La Mamounia Marrakech spa hotelLA MAMOUNIA MARRAKECH
Regional Spa Director Marianne Nielsen

What detox treatments do you recommend?
If you are in good health, a hammam treatment will help your body to expel toxins faster; a traditional Black Soap Scrub a Kessa Glow treatment will remove dead skin cells and help your skin to breathe better.

If it’s the morning after the night before, a nice relaxing massage will make you feel better – and the massage will also help your blood circulation, thereby helping your body to eliminate the toxins. Give the hammam a miss if you’ve been drinking or have high blood pressure, though.

Moroccan black soap scrubLastly, don’t forget your face: after a night partying (often in a smoky environment), your face needs thorough cleansing and rehydration, ready to face the new year.

Favourite detox products?
Any decent body scrub product – such as black soap or a salt scrub – is great for detoxing your skin.


Barnsley House hotel CotswoldsTHE GARDEN SPA AT BARNSLEY HOUSE

Spa Manager Sarah Newsham

Quick-fix detox tips?
Reduce the amount of caffeine you have per day, body brush every morning before showering, and cut back on the treats.

What’s the best detox treatment for people to book at the Barnsley House spa?
Our Morning Dew body Treatment, which uses the Aromatherapy Associates’ Revive range and a stimulating massage to work on sluggish circulation, water retention and puffiness. Follow up with the Revitalising Eye Treatment, to help refresh and brighten the eyes.

If you were a guest at your own spa, which treatment would you book?
Definitely the Enrich Body treatment (it really is the perfect pampering body treatment) and a Revitalising Facial, which does wonders for Aromatherapy Associates' Nourishing Face Oilthe complexion.

Favourite beauty products?
Aromatherapy Associates‘ Nourishing Face Oil and De-stress Muscle Gel.

Favourite detox products?
Thalgo Ocea Draine – it is a 10-day detox programme which is easy to do and very effective. Just add to water or fruit juice and drink the mixture every morning. You’ll feel amazing and your skin will be glowing at the end of the 10 days!


Hospes Maricel hotel MallorcaBODNYA SPA AT HOSPES MARICEL
Spa Manager Catherine Callan

Top detoxing tips?
I recommend detoxing twice a year. To detox properly, you should limit your meat and alcohol intake for about a week, try to drink plenty of water avoid processed and high fat foods. Aim instead for wholegrain, organic produce, including plenty of fresh fruit and veg: this gives the body a chance to release the built-up toxins in your system.

If you do this for one week, 2 times a year, it will improve skin condition, help to reduce water retention and increase your energy levels and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Best detox treatment to book in Bodnya Spa?
We always recommend that our clients begin with a full-body exfoliation to improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, then it’s on to a detoxifying warming wrap to increase the elimination of toxins, followed by a gentle lymphatic massage.

Hospes Maricel Bodnya spaHere at the Bodyna Maricel we have a treatment called Ritual Créme Minceur Udvartana, based on a 1,000-year-old Indian treatment that combines a warming detoxifying wrap with a lymphatic massage. You’ll need three to 10 sessions to see any real effects, depending on your body type.

If you were a guest at your own spa, which treatment would you book?
I would defiantly go for our Fleurs de Bali 50-minute facial, which combines precious elixirs and flowers from Bali to purify your skin and give instant radiance – it also includes a back massage to make sure you sink into total indulgence.

Cinq Mondes spa productsFavourite detox products?
– Our Cinq Mondes ritual range allows you to create your own ‘home spa’, with unique shower oils, natural perfumes and candles.
– The invigorating Exfoliant Graines et Fleurs with sea salt and spices.
– Crème Udvartana, with detoxifying ginger and patented active slimming ingredients.


Check back soon for more pampering and detox tips from beauty experts from Asia’s best luxury spa hotels

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