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Claire Mazur has an eye for design. Back in 2010, she and an old college friend, Erica Cerulo, hatched an idea (over two-dozen emails in about 12 hours) to promote emerging designers by telling their stories and selling their wares in small batches. That email frenzy eventually became Of A Kind, the NYC-based online boutique that stocks limited-edition jewellery, stationery, beauty goods, apparel and more. We recently chatted with Claire about her travel habits, the destinations she dreams of, and the right way to order dumplings in New York.

Last trip Minneapolis

Next trip The North Fork on Long Island, New York


Claire at the Kaminarimon Gate in Tokyo

First thing you do when you check into a hotel I always immediately spread the contents of my suitcase out all over the room. I don’t mean to, it just happens.

You never leave home without… like, eight pairs of backup contact lenses. I have such a fear of having to wear glasses on vacation. I know, it’s so weird. But glasses are so uncomfortable! And then you can’t wear sunglasses!

You always return home with… more clothes than I came with.

Best souvenir My parents brought me gorgeous stationery from Tokyo. I ended up honeymooning in Japan and the gift made me so excited for my own trip.

Quintessential New York Soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai! Don’t waste your time getting the crab ones — you can’t taste it anyway. Stick with the pork.

Worst travel experience Erica and I had to travel to Palo Alto for fundraising more than once last year… There would have to be some seriously spectacular term sheets sitting on the table to get me back there.

best beaches in Mexico in Tulum

The serene sands of Tulum, Mexico

Favourite destination Tulum! I’ve never had such a relaxing vacation — or relaxing anything — in my life. When I was there I just laid in hammocks all day drinking piña coladas and micheladas. I didn’t even shop once, which I think is the most exceptional indicator of just how enchanted I was by the beach.

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