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We caught up with the high-fashion duo behind the label Costello Tagliapietra to talk obsessive over-packing, toiletries and souvenirs. Check out what these Brooklyn-based designers, who have been called ‘the  lumberjacks of fashion’, like to pack and where they like to go. 

Recent trip We went to Washington, DC to visit the White House. We loved how modern the city feels and the restaurants are so great – Jaleo and The Capital Grille are two of our favourites. This cupcake-of-a-trip came with the added frosting of meeting the First Lady!

First thing you do when you check into a hotel Check the bed and then unpack. The OCD in me needs to organise my things before I can concentrate, and this effort usually leads to a shower and a nap.

You never leave home without… We are over-packers: extra outfits, every toiletry we own, extra socks and spare t-shirts. This sometimes makes us much better hoarders than travellers.

You always return home with… Some kind of food treats. The idea is to bring gifts back for friends and employees, but, really, it’s so that we have snacks for the trip home.

plaid designers Robert Tagliapietra and Jeffrey Costello

Robert Tagliapietra (left) and Jeffrey Costello (right)

Go-to travel togs Our comfiest flannel shirts from our ever-growing pile of ‘comfy flannel shirts’ (we still own the two Eddie Bauer flannels we met in 20 years ago), and our most broken-in khakis. We also can’t leave home without our lovely handmade moccasins from the Arrow Moccasin Company in Massachusetts – they’re like wearing slippers.

Best souvenir  The toy stores in Japan are heavenly, like Project 1/6 Medicom and Kiddy Land Harajuku. Our favourite souvenir is probably a stuffed Totoro doll we bought for our bulldog Sam… yes, we are doting dog parents.

Quintessential Brooklyn Our Brooklyn is all about food. Caputo’s for lard bread and Monteleone Bakery for Italian cookies (everyone dies for these). Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook is where we drag all our friends, and it’s close enough to the water for an after-dinner stroll. Red Hook also has the super-yummy Grindhaus, and you have to stop by the Latin American food trucks parked near the ballfields in the summer.

Favourite destination Our love for New England, and in particular Maine, is no secret: the ocean, the forests, the air and the night sky!

Images via Costello Tagliapietra

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