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Membership has its privileges… a Smith membership, that is. You can now slip behind the discrete door of Buenos Aires’ Clubhouse hotel, a home-turned-members’-club with four rooms that’s the place for in-the-know locals and you, of course.  

You may choose to kick back in the lounge to nibble on crispy sweetbreads and grilled provolone or dial up for a Swedish massage in your room. As for us though, we’ll be in the ivy-clad garden at the Clubhouse Bar.

The triangle-shaped bar styled in smart red-and-white candy stripes sits overlooking a placid pool. Sip a rosé from Mendoza and hang around with the beautiful people gathered for the pool party and Argentinian barbecue on Sundays, or stay up late for the Friday night dance parties.

With splash-out dinners from big name chefs, film screenings and art exhibitions, there’s always something new popping up in the garden.

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