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You’ve just landed at an ungodly hour from your red-eye flight. You calculate that you’ve been wearing the same pair of socks for longer than some pop stars’ careers last, and your mouth tastes the way the crevices between airplane seats look. Now, if you could just get to your hotel room and freshen up and… 3PM CHECK-IN?? What demon from the underworld has ascended to institute these policies?

But wait, there’s hope! Standard Hotels announced today that they’re implementing a check-in-anytime service at their properties in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. They call it ‘Standard Time’ and it applies to check-out as well (go ahead, have another drink from the minibar). The service comes with a small additional fee (about 5%), but the ability to change your socks upon arrival: priceless.

Now if only ‘I’m on Standard Time’ could get you out of being late to work meetings…

Featured Image via The Standard, East Village

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