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See this artwork? Those clever dicks at Goosebumps made us do it. To mark a decade of sending naughty boys and girls straight to their rooms, we got in bed with London brand consultants, Goosebumps. One thing led to another…

…Next thing we knew, there was a ménage à trois carrying on at Blakes in South Kensington.

The result of this scantily clad session at one of the world’s sexiest hotels?

Our in-house photographer Rachel Juarez-Carr, aka Countessian, took some fabulous photos of a Mr and Mrs Smith having fun in a boutique boudoir.
And we ended up with our first advertising campaign of sorts.
So thank you, Goosebumps. Oh, you and your big ideas.
And thank you, Rachel. And you and your big lenses!
You know we’re always big exponents of mixing a little business with pleasure. And thank you too for all the compliments from the readers of the style magazines we’ve rather cheekily been inserting these in.


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