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Today we’re feeling thirsty. And not just for any old water. We want seawater. Whole horizons of it. With craggy calderas and bright white bedrooms (to contrast with the blue skies and even bluer seas outside). In this parched, H2O-hungry state, we’re turning to our favourite Greek island, and a handsome hotel by the name of Grace Santorini.

Style Whitewashed waterside palace
Setting Caldera clifftop

Our favourite bits Grace by name, grace by nature – Grace Santorini has the following and then some: clifftop setting, glittering seascapes, minimalist milk-white interiors, accolade-awarded chef, infinity pool that doubles up as a nocturnal party scene, and suites with steam rooms and flashy light installations. We like breakfasting on Greek yoghurt with nuts and blossom honey, too.

Why this week The hotel has set aside a clutch of rooms specially for Mr & Mrs Smith over the popular months of May, July and August. Snap up your volcano-view bedroom fast – or someone else will. It’s a great time of year to visit the island: traditional saints’ feasts in May, plus the lure of boat trips, wine-tasting and sea-swimming in deliciously warm weather…

Mr & Mrs Smith say ‘The hotel’s 20 rooms, gym, restaurant, library, swimming pools and sundecks are terraced into the side of the cliff in a cascade of white walls and black rock buttresses. Inside, the rooms are sheathed entirely in white, and the flooring in cool polished grey concrete. Shelving, bedside tables and seats are hewn straight into the rock, giving the space a very pleasing Francis of Assisi meets Four Seasons monastic feel. Our bed is a vast tract of white linen floating over triple mattress layers of coconut and rubber, all cushioned by layers of plump pillows; while the huge rainshower-studded ensuite is stocked with attention-grabbing bath and body products by local Greek brand Apivita.

Aromatherapy pillow ordered from the pillow menu, Mr Smith sighed at the view of the caldera through the bevelled windows. ‘Or should I get the goosedown instead?’ I wondered aloud, impressed by the gravity of such Solomon-like decisions.’

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