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We catch up with artist and illustrator HelloVon (and Smith reviewer) in honour of his exciting new limited-edition print from his Semblance series, available to buy only until the end of this month*…

Earlier this year we sent HelloVon and his Mrs Smith on a much-needed break from the studio, north to the Lake District to review a hotel for us – ‘I love it up there and this time we had the pleasure of staying in the boutique luxury of the Swan Inn next to the stunning Lake Windemere’. Having heard his nose has been firmly to the grindstone ever since, we were keen to hear about the fruits of his recent labours.

‘This year has been really busy with a few very exciting projects that unfortunately I can’t really talk about right now. However alongside working commercially for clients like Selfridges, Nike (see below), Liberty, AmEx, I also exhibit my fine art work and have had solo shows in LA, NY and London as well as having taken part in a host of group shows worldwide. I release prints and originals directly through my own online gallery/store ShopVon which is where a lot of my focus is at the moment with our big summer release of the ‘Semblance 02’ – a limited-edition, hand-pulled silkscreen print. It is the first to be taken from the series, the original drawing from which the print has lovingly been reproduced in silver ink sold before the Semblance exhibition even opened in LA back in 2009.

‘All of my work is created by hand in one way or another, be it for fine art or for commercial commissions. I’m a passionate believer in analogue processes, how they can still be very relevant today and am extremely wary of any digital involvement becoming intrusive. My Apple Mac is just as invaluable in my overall process as pencils, paper or paint for a number of reasons but it’s just another tool, it will never dictate the result.

What are you loving about London right now?
‘A lot of people have moaned about this Summer this year but London turning into autumn is such a lovely and beautiful place to be I’m really looking forward to it. I think I’m doubly excited this time round to see all the leaves fall as it’s the official wave goodbye to one of the most manic summers I’ve ever had and I’m more than happy to see it go.’

Are you excited excited about the 2012 Olympics?
‘I’m actually way more excited about the Paralympic Games. The reason being I’ve just spent a good chunk of my summer working on its big ticketing campaign which went live on buses, billboards and posters nationwide this week!’

*The print is currently on pre-order until 30 September 2011,£125, plus P&P; as a special token with this release all pre-orders will come with a free A3 risograph print of ‘Bird 16’ taken from the ongoing Animal series: go to the official pre-order page.

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