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HI time Mr Smith waxed lyrical about sexiness in hotels

James Lohan has been asked to be on a panel discussion at a design show in Stockholm called HI Design, to chat about Is ‘sexy’ the new gauge of success?

The kind of questions he will be answering are:

— Is it possible for a hotel to cater for the business traveller and the Mr & Mrs Smith’s of this world harmoniously under one roof?

— By creating a ‘sexy’ hotel will you increase your hotel’s profits i.e. charge more, attract bigger spenders?

— Do you alienate your older clientele if you go too sexy with your hotel design?

–Are mini bars getting too risqué for some guests. Condoms, Kama Sutra books and even sex toys are starting to appear in rooms for guests to buy – is this getting too personal?

— Does my bum look big in this? OK, we made that one up.

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