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It’s really the thought that counts – as long as all your ‘thoughts’ can make it through security and fit neatly in an overhead compartment. With travellers in mind – both givers and recipients – we’ve rounded up holiday gifts that’ll inspire some wanderlust while also being totally transportable. We can promise that all the presents in this list will pack neatly into a carry-on – we even tried it (see photo below) while bunking between holiday get-togethers at the Avalon Beverly Hills hotel.

Also, stay tuned next week for two more gift guides for travellers: the checked-luggage and extra-baggage editions. If you’re an ambitious traveller (and shopper, clearly), we’ve got you covered.

Angelica Hicks Get a Room! gift card, from £50 ($50)
This is the only way to fit an Italian villa or a Patagonian boutique hotel in your luggage. For this year’s special-edition gift card, Mr & Mrs Smith teamed up with pun-loving fashion illustrator Angelica Hicks, who gets colourful on the packaging with hotel keys and a bellhop.

Freya Poppy Hat Case [see featured images above and below], £672 ($890)
For the family member who travels with boaters, berets, fedoras or floppy brims, here’s a place to put all those hats. Freya, a luggage line that launched this past summer, makes covetable cases with Italian leather and silk linings. The best part? Use it as a carry-on and then simply gift it when you arrive at your holiday destination.

French Girl Organics Cleansing Wash, from £14 ($18), and Facial Polish, from £17 ($22)
There’s something about new skincare products that are also organic and look chic in a toiletry bag… they have a certain je ne sais quoi. This cleanser and polish are inspired by France and are sure to dazzle anyone devoted to a clear complexion.

Carry-On Cocktail Kit, £16 ($24)
Give the gift of a craft cocktail at 30,000 feet in the air. These genius tins include everything but the alcohol to make two drinks mid flight. Take your pick between Moscow mules, margaritas, old fashioneds and more.

Road Soda: Recipes and Techniques for Making Great Cocktails, Anywhere, £15.50 ($20)
Speaking of enjoying a drink on the go, here’s a whole book dedicated to concocting the perfect tipple while you travel. Author Kara Newman offers packing hacks, tips on making the most of a mini-bar, and advice on throwing the ultimate soiree in your hotel suite.

Herschel Supply Company Chapter Travel Kit, £38 ($50)
This toiletry bag means business. It’s fully water resistant and ideal for a pal who’s headed on a real adventure in 2018. Know someone who’s trekking through Uruguay or going on a surfing safari in Sri Lanka? Help them keep their toothpaste safe.

This Is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from Around the World, £13 ($18)
Inspire young travellers with this picture book that illustrates how kids live in different countries around the world, including Italy, Japan, Iran, India, Peru, Uganda and Russia.

Here’s proof that you can pack all your gifts in a carry-on. From top left: Herschel Supply Company toiletry bag, Carry-On Cocktail Kit, S’well water bottle, This Is How We Do It book, Road Soda, Get a Room! gift card, universal adapter, Little Angler pole, Hamabla dress, French Girl Organics skincare and a Babooshe fouta… all in a Freya Poppy hat case.

The Little Angler Bite-Sized Pocket Fishing Pole, £29 ($34.50)
Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; give a man a packable fishing pole, and he’ll be reeling in pike, trout and snapper wherever he goes. This collapsable rod makes the art of the catch so much more portable.

Apple Watch Strap with Rexy by Coach, £113.50 ($150)
If you know someone who’s obsessed with their Apple Watch, give them a little upgrade with this leather dino strap. It’s a techy nod to the past… as in 65 million years ago.

Pocket Disco Ball, £15.50 ($20)
For the friend who always gets the party started, this disco ball plugs into an iPhone. Crank up those Bee Gees tunes!

Babooshe Fouta, £31 ($41.50)
A fouta can be used as a wrap, a towel or a picnic blanket, and Babooshe makes them in just about every colour – from lime green to chocolate herringbone. They’re made of 100% cotton and dry quickly, so they’re ideal for a day at the beach.

S’well water bottle in teakwood, from £19 ($25)
S’well water bottles stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Fill them with H2O in the airport and then switch to boozy hot cocoa for the slopes.

Universal Power Adapter, £27.50 ($36)
Have the power of, well, power in 150 countries around the world. This adapter has built-in short circuit protection, two USB ports and one AC outlet. Plus it comes in a stylish case, which is really the most crucial detail.

Hamabla Patience Slip, £121 ($160)
Every now and then we come across a piece of clothing that makes us believe, ‘Yes, I could live in this for the rest of my life.’ The Patience Slip, made by Malibu-based beachwear brand Hamabla, is one of those pieces. It’s made of a double gauze cotton so it travels well, and it’s incredibly versatile. Pair it with a shawl for travel days, then wear it solo for a day in the sand.

Smythson Piccadilly Passport Cover and Card Case, £350 ($595)
Is it necessary to give your passport a gift this year? We think so. Here’s the perforated leather home your documents have been dreaming of. There are extra pockets inside for tickets and cards, and you can even have it monogrammed so that you stand out in security.

Featured images shot at the Avalon Beverly Hills hotel. Hat case courtesy of Freya. Featured photography by Lauren Pisano.

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