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East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet?
Join the discussion, hotel lovers… See The New York Times’ T Magazine piece:
For the Moment | East vs. West

Pictured: Sukhothai, Bangkok, left; Miller’s Residence, London, below.

Adding their tuppence to the debate, from the Mr & Mrs Smith team, were:

Anthony Leyton, managing editor, London: “It’s more about open, communal living spaces, as exemplified by the Amans. Open walls, outdoor salas and alfresco showers feature in design that has a minimalist lilt.”

Our Melbourne-based Asia Pacific head honcho, Simon Westcott, cites the climate for giving hotels in the west their dominant look — that is, guests just want to stay inside. “Interiors in Northern Europe tend to be warmer, richer, more eclectic, with more emphasis on fabrics.”

Our Aussie editor, Sophie Davies, points out that because many Asian properties are brand new and purpose built, they can employ more cutting-edge technology.

Aun Koh, Smith’s Asia correspondent, who says, “The smarter, better-traveled independent hoteliers in Asia have recognized there’s a discerning audience looking less for artificially Asian experiences.”

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