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Smith hotel voucher

If you’ve a taste for luxury boutique hotels and a minute to spare, then we’d really be quite obsequiously grateful if you filled in our travel trends survey. We know there’s nothing more annoying than visiting a website for the first time only to be assailed with pop-up opinion polls and feedback demands, or to have your dinner interrupted by the chap from Gallup wanting to know whether you reckon the nation’s going to hell in a hand-basket, so we promise that it won’t last longer than you can hold your breath underwater.*

We’re trying to put together a picture of what the world of travel will look like in 2009, what people’s priorities are in what finance types persist in calling ‘the current economic climate’, and what makes a good hotel a great hotel. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anyone to share this info for nothing, so by way of a dangling carrot of temptation, we’ve earmarked £500 in Mr & Mrs Smith Get a Room! vouchers to give to the first respondent out of the trilby.

The vouchers can be exchanged for stays in any of the hotels in Smith’s worldwide collection, so whether you fancy a boutique break in Barcelona, a sojourn in Sicily, or a lounge-around in LA, you’ll get a £500 head start on your hotel bill. So – pretty please with a maraschino on top – go and complete the survey now.

*As long as that’s about two minutes. Also, please do not complete the survey underwater, that will monkey up your computer.
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