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Let’s face it, at this point winter’s lost its metaphorical new-car smell. Brisk temps… the wind at your back… snowflakes? Pssh. They were charming back before the holidays, but somewhere between your office’s Christmas bender and the day you Googled ‘fleece underwear?’ Jack Frost lost his appeal. Let us dress winter in something new and lacy (metaphorically speaking, again) and remind you of the season’s allure.

1. Use cold weekends to plan hot trips. Treacherous weather is basically Mother Nature’s version of a hall pass – there is seriously no pressure to do anything. You couldn’t get dressed today? Understandable. Use this time to hole up and map out that dream trip. Fun fact: research shows that the act of simply planning a vacation makes you happier. So, perusing hotels from Bali to Brazil isn’t just a way to pass the time while you’re cooped up, it’s actually good for your sanity.

2. Spike everything. Slipping booze into your lemonade all summer may raise some red flags. But add whiskey to your coffee when it’s frigid outside and you’re just in survival mode. Hot toddies, buttered rums, spiced wine and apple wassail… your motto through March should be ‘make it hot and include the hooch.’

3. Take up a new hobby – like snowga. Yoga already went hot, so it was only a matter of time before it cooled off. Meet snowga: the combo of yoga and snow sports. For example, a snowga adventure at The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana includes a snowshoe hike followed by mountaintop downward dogs. Ha, you could even call them downward sled dogs! (sorry, we couldn’t resist… we blame the weather).

4. Or, let hot-tubbing be your sport of choice. The bubbles… the heat… the ‘virtual ant farm of activity’ below the surface of the water – yes, hot tubs are for love-ahs. But you no longer have to settle for a run-of-the-mill bath. Take the tubbing experience at Treehotel in Swedish Lapland, for example. There, you can arrange for a wood-fired soak under the stars in a forest.

5. Embrace turtlenecks – they’ve never been cooler. His dance moves stole the show, but Drake’s ribbed sweater with ample neck room was the real star of the ‘Hotline Bling’ video. Make like a Canadian and celebrate the beauty (and warmth) of full coverage winter wear.

6. Head to an urban chalet. Keep the après and ditch the skiing without even leaving the city. In London, hotel York & Albany hosts a pop-up chalet through the end of February. Sip Winter Spiced Old Fashioneds in a courtyard cabin that’s right near Regent’s Park. In New York, Italian mega-market, Eataly, has converted its rooftop restaurant into an Italian Alps-style pop-up. Enjoy the altitude… 14 floors above Fifth Avenue.

7. Grab a crampon and a harness. They’re for ice climbing, obviously. If skating has become old hat, try something new, like scaling a waterfall in the San Juan Mountains. Stay at Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado and they’ll arrange the whole adventure (including ice axe rental).


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