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Malta’s one of the hottest spots in Europe – Valletta‘s officially the sunniest capital on the continent – but its language is perhaps the coolest.

You’ve have no problem whatsoever finding English speakers, of course (decades of British rule will do that to a country) but why not give the local lingo a go? Louise Pullicino, general manager of historic boutique hotel Casa Ellul in Valletta, gave us a quick primer on Maltese…

Casa Ellul boutique hotel in MaltaCasa Ellul hotel in VallettaHello! – Bongu!

Goodbye! – Caw!

Please – Jekk Joghgbok

Thank you – Grazzi

Excuse me – Skuzani

Do you speak English? – Inti titkellem Ingliz?

I’ll have the rabbit stew – Jien sa niehu stuffat tal-fenek

I’d like a local wine – Nixtieq l-inbid lokali

Casa Ellul is my new favourite hotel – Casa Ellul hija il-lukanda gdida favorita tieghi

Wow, the incredible view from the Upper Barrakka Gardens is utterly magnificent! – Waw, il-vista incredibli mill Gonna tal Barraka ta’ fuq hija literalment manjifika!

If you like your travels to test your tongue, why not also learn a little Mandarin from the comfort of your home-from-home Aman at Summer Palace in Beijing, Hungarian at Brody House in Budapest, or Welsh at Ffynnon in Snowdonia?

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