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Metrotwin homepageThough stylish places to stay are our forté, we at Mr & Mrs Smith like to think we know a little bit about food, too. The destination guides that accompany all of the hotels on our website always include tips on where to head for great meals, and all of us at Smith HQ are enthusiastic amateur gourmands – Lucy does wonderful things with marrowbone, Rufus has recently been experimenting with flambéeing and Anthony even owns his own sausage-making machine…

So, between us, we reckon we know a good restaurant when we see one. That’s why we felt compelled to let Metrotwin – the new British Airways website that highlights all that’s good about London and New York – know a few of our favourite places to eat out in the Big Smoke and the Big Apple. Check out our list here – and feel free to tell us a few foodie favourites of your own. Believe us, we’re happy to pile on the pounds in the name of research.

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