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Inspired by the movies tipped for BAFTA and Oscar glory this year? We’ve taken 10 nominees and matched them with a Smith hotel. Why? Why not. If you want to watch the star-studded ceremonies from the comfort of a big boutique bed, with room-service popcorn, put the following dates in your iPhone: 14 February (the BAFTAs); 28 February (the Oscars).

roomthemusical copy

IF YOU LIKE Bear attacks, raw bison liver and snow-swept mountains
FILM The Revenant
DESTINATION Argentina, one of the locations
HOTEL Casa de Uco
BEST LINE ‘And turns out… that God is a squirrel. And a big, lumpy one.’ – Tom Hardy as John Fitzgerald


IF YOU LIKE Irish accents; Italian plumbers
DESTINATION Brooklyn (clearly)
HOTEL McCarren Hotel & Pool
BEST LINE ‘Homesickness is like most sicknesses. It will pass.’ – Jim Broadbent as Father Flood


IF YOU LIKE Sand dunes and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley doing acting
Mad Max: Fury Road
DESTINATION Cape Town, one of the locations
HOTEL Kensington Place
BEST LINE ‘He’s a crazy smeg who eats schlanger!’ – Abbey Lee as The Dag


IF YOU LIKE Light sabres, Wookiee warriors and father-son issues
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
DESTINATION Abu Dhabi, one of the locations
HOTEL Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort
BEST LINE ‘Chewie, we’re home.’ – Harrison Ford as Han Solo

XV Beacon copy

IF YOU LIKE A clean floor
DESTINATION Boston, one of the locations
BEST LINE ‘In America, I believe the ordinary meets the extraordinary every single day.’ – Bradley Cooper as Neil Walker

Amangani - Spring Gulch Suite Bedroom

IF YOU LIKE Guns, gunpowder and gunpowder plots
The Hateful Eight
DESTINATION Wyoming, where the film is set
HOTEL Amangani
BEST LINE ‘SAY ADIOS TO YOUR HUEVOS!’ – Channing Tatum as Jody

Danish copy

IF YOU LIKE Paintings, pouting and side parts
The Danish Girl
DESTINATION Copenhagen, where the film is set
HOTEL Nimb Hotel
BEST LINE ‘I’ve only liked a handful of people in my life, and you’ve been two of them.’ – Matthias Schoenaerts as Hans Axgil

Wessy-Baby copy

IF YOU LIKE Doomed love and department stores
DESTINATION Manhattan, where the film is set
HOTEL The Greenwich Hotel
BEST LINE ‘My suitcase! WHERE’S MY FUCKING SUITCASE?’ – Cate Blanchett as Carol

Clander copy

IF YOU LIKE Bryan Cranston, retro Hollywood and Helen Mirren
DESTINATION Los Angeles, where the film is set
HOTEL Avalon Beverly Hills
BEST LINE ‘You go and ask the studio how they would like having to reshoot this movie without me because for better or for worse I AM SPARTACUS.’ – Dean O’Gorman as Kirk Douglas

128012-mirror-cube copy

IF YOU LIKE Extraterrestrial life forms and Matt Damon
FILM The Martian
DESTINATION Sweden, our favourite futuristic place
HOTEL Treehotel
BEST LINE ‘Fuck you, Mars.’ – Matt Damon as Mark Watney


Feature image is Mendoza, Argentina; image via Shutterstock

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