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We shared their winks, their taxi-hailing techniques and the way these three bellhops wrangle a garment bag with the utmost care. You voted on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and we’ve tallied up the love. It is our honour to now bestow the title of best-loved bellhop in New York City to…. drumroll (or chiming concierge bells), please… Jack Adams of The NoMad Hotel.

We took a moment to get to know this top hop a little bit better. Also, to view all of our bellhop videos, from The Bowery, The NoMad and The New York Edition, see below…

Name Jack Adams

Where you’ll go with your prize money I’d love to go somewhere outside the US, but I’ll most likely use it for a night at The Standard, East Village or maybe Hôtel Americano.

The strangest thing you’ve seen while on the job The everyday parade of New Yorkers is pretty strange and entertaining.

The most bizarre request from a hotel guest I helped someone film a comedy video in their room once.

Bellhop by day… what by night? Although being a bellman is fun and it pays the bills, I’m a singer, songwriter and musician, and consider that my job. Check me out at

The secret to hailing a cab in NYC No secret really – just see if the light is on, stick your arm straight in the air and don’t tell them where you’re going until you’re already in the car.


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