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Just a quick post to wish you all a very Happy Christmas from everyone at Team Smith (well, all those of us who haven’t bunked off early for the holidays, anyway). May your stockings be fillered, your sprouts tasty, and your brandy flammable.

Also, a wee festive plug. If, like me, you’ve entirely failed to make good on last year’s promise that, this time, you’d do all your Christmas shopping well in advance, missed our gift-guide extravaganza, and still have a special someone to buy something special for, then we may have just the solution…

Smith hotel e-voucherMr & Mrs Smith Get a Room! vouchers have always been brilliant gifts (who could turn their nose up at a stay at some of the best boutique hotels in the world?), except for the fact that you have to wait for them to be delivered.

Well, not any more. Tamara and her team of cyber-elves have been working hard in their underground* lab to create our new e-vouchers. So now if you want to treat someone to a boutique-hotel break they’ll still be thanking you for in several Christmases time, all you need to do is order one online, and it’ll be delivered straight to your inbox in a matter of seconds. Then, just print, and present. Easier than Oxford Street, sexier than Soho, and a lot better value for money than Lapland New Forest.

Our e-vouchers start at denominations of £50, you can buy them now in our online shop, and they come with our heartfelt guarantee that they’ll make someone a very happy bunny indeed come Christmas morning.

Plug over.

We’ll probably quieten down blog-wise over the next week, as our bloggistas make their annual migrations around the globe, but we’ll be back with a vengeance in the New Year. Look out for some amazing hotels in Paris, Marrakech and the Swiss Alps early in January. We, as ever, will keep you posted.

Happy Christmas all.

*Not technically underground. Or a lab.
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