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We at Smith Towers have always liked things that come in twos. Mr Smith and Mrs Smith, for example; two nights for the price of one; double bathtubs… So we’re understandably delighted about the launch of British Airways’ new Metrotwin website, which highlights all that’s good about those two great modern cities London and New York.

Metrotwin homepage

Packed with recommendations – best restaurants, great views, top shops, favourite walks, etc – from a panel of hand-picked travel experts, Metrotwin also encourages residents and visitors to the metropolises to add their comments, suggestions and personal tips, thus creating the ultimate NYLON online community. ‘British Airways is a company which connects people. We fly more people between London and New York than anyone else,’ says BA’s digital marketing manager Chris Davies. ‘Creating a community website about the best of what’s on offer in the two cities we know best is a credible and useful tool.’

We heartily agree. So imagine how flattered we were when Metrotwin asked us to become one of its experts. The list of our favourite boutique hotels in London and New York is available to view now on, and we’ll continue to share our travel expertise with it. We’re going to build this thing together, as Starship once said; nothing’s gonna stop us now. However, Starship also claimed to build a city on rock and roll, which, as far as we’re aware, doesn’t apply to either London or New York – so it’s perhaps best we don’t take their words too seriously. Just keep checking our entries on Metrotwin. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll inspire you to add your own.

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