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In between spreading jelly on their English muffins, and deciding whether they want their eggs over easy or sunny side up, breakfasting New Yorkers sometimes find time to flick through the papers. Those idly perusing the New York Times Style Magazine last weekend will no doubt have stopped, caw-ah-fee cup midway to lips, to stare at the cool-looking book jumping out at them from the Remix pages. Under the headline ‘The British are coming’ – they love their American Revolution puns, don’t they? – the magazine picked out our new collection of boutique hotels, The Global Shortlist (chosen by us for the US market), as one that style-savvy Manhattanites should look out for. NY insider mag BlackBook also liked the cut of our jib. Well, we think it’s pretty good, so we’re delighted our friends across the Pond Mr & Mrs Smith in the New York Timesagree…

The Lynne Trusses among you, steel yourselves now. You may just about be able to accept the Americans taking the English language and coming up with words such as ‘thru’ and ‘catalog’, but ‘Bristish’? Tsk. Honestly…

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