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There’s excitement in the air at Smith HQ, as we launch our new range of Smith paints for your home

Ever wanted to bring home a taste of your travels after a holiday? No, we’re not talking saltwater taffy (too sticky on the teeth), cheese du terroir (too sticky on the hips) or those pretty – but heavy – bottles of olive oil that invariably spill or shatter in your suitcase.

After 10 years spent scouring the world for the most beautiful boutique hotels and scenic locations, our bags are bursting with inspiration from across the globe, so we’ve decided to take the plunge and dive head first into the world of interiors.

Mr & Mrs Smith – At Home paint pots in hotel

Allow us to introduce Mr & Mrs Smith – At Home, our desirable range of 28 interiors paints, hand-picked by colour expert Clare Johnston, Head of Textiles at the Royal College of Art. Fresh from our hotel-hunting jaunts around the world, we’ve brought back a collection of three easy-to-combine palettes evoking the City, Country and Coast – from the azures of Ithaca and the soft pinks of art-deco Miami to the green of Balinese forests.

Mr & Mrs Smith – At Home paint range moodboard

Of course, like any great expedition, we’re not going it alone. We’ve partnered with our friends and decor know-it-alls at Colour & Paint to create the range of classic and contemporary hues.  Not only have they been our trusted sherpas en route, they’ve also revolutionised the way you test your paint by introducing the iPatch, a removable and reusable sticky patch of real paint that makes colour-matching a breeze.

Mr & Mrs Smith – At Home iPatch paint swatches

The iPatch
Tired of wrestling with tester-pot lids or cursing wet patches of works in progress? There’s no need for your walls to look like a paintbrush-wielding troublesome toddler’s been let loose on them. Coated in real paint pigment on one side and low-tack adhesive on the other, the iPatch can be stuck onto any wall, or taken away to match fabrics, furnishings and home accessories.

Want to know more? Smith paints (and iPatch samples) are available to order from Colour & Paint’s website, at £33 for 2.5 litres (excluding £5.25 p&p).

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