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Tamara’s done one or two pieces for the Going Places blog, over at stylish Stateside parenting mag, Cookie (this month she’s covered child-friendly London cafés), but we’re delighted to see that the the nice folk on the print magazine have chosen to do a little feature on us too. You can’t buy a copy here in the UK sadly, so here’s a hint of what Blighty-based Smiths are missing.

Cookie Magazine

(The picture, in case it’s whet your tropical-travel appetite, is from Turtle Inn, Francis Ford Coppola’s gorgeous beach resort on the coast of Belize).

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  • Strawbale Cafe at Freightliners Farm, Sheringham Road, London, N7 8PF
    (Tel: 020 7609 0467)
    Between Caledonian Rd and Islington, just off the Holloway Rd.

    My dear friend Kirsty Drury (also a Smith reviewer) volunteers at this city farm and so I popped along yesterday and it’s my new favourite child-friendly café in London!

    Amazing vegetarian food, super-affordable and enormous portions….

    My one-year-old’s eyes were already on stalks when she saw the huge plate of fruit crumble and chocolate cakes – but you should have seen them when she got to stroke cows, pigs and huge white Alice in Wonderland-style bunnies! Slap, bang in the city. Apparently it never gets too busy there, and parking is easy except on match days (it’s quite near Arsenal football ground).