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Q: What did Madonna, Jude Law, Daphne Guinness and Lindsay Lohan have in common one Saturday evening in New York last month? A: They were all hanging out on the 18th floor of the Standard NY in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District in honour of new Seventies-inspired dream den, QT…

qt-bar-at-the-standard-nyAnd now this exclusive penthouse in the skies is open to the rest of us. We too can journey to the gold-lined floor to sip Martinis with the likes of Tamara Mellon as we look out through floor-to-ceiling windows to full-circle views of Manhattan and the Hudson. We can don our skimpiest swimwear and make like honeys (and hunks) in the hot tub (Cristal and P Diddy optional). And if we’re feeling brave enough, we can peer out over the edge of the glass-floored balconies down to the yellow-cab-filled city streets below.

The new bar is divided into two areas – both modern and retro in equal proportions. The main area is filled with cream banquettes, gilded fireplaces and sparkly chandeliers. The other is a bit more intimate – inevitable, really, given the triangular hot tub that sits in the centre of the black-tiled room.

Originally incarnated as the Boom Boom Room, New York’s hottest new hotspot has changed names already. Staying ahead of the game isn’t easy. Although something tells us Andre Balazs’ sky-high space is going to be the favourite of stars, starlets and Smiths for some time.

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