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The dazzling Ponta dos Ganchos

With Cupid on the cards mid-month, there’s more reason than ever to splash out on (boutique) bedded bliss. Luckily, our ceaseless search for seductive stays for Valentine’s has resulted in eight new additions, spread across cool coasts, colour-rich countryside and snow-kissed slopes.

Perantzada HotelFirst up are two Greek treats on the idyllic islands of Kefalonia and IthacaPerantzada Hotel, a peaceful portside mansion with colourful, quirky interiors, and Emelisse Hotel, a cypress- and cedar-fringed haven styled with chic simplicity. Both hotels come with dazzling sea views, romantic rooms and lashings of luxury.

One of Geejam's cool cabins

If, however, the Caribbean’s calling, eye-up our two new Jamaican jewels in peaceful Port Antonio: Kanopi House, an eco-friendly treehouse hotel flanked by 100-foot banyans, and Geejam, a music mogul’s pad tricked out with cabins and a recording studio. Beaches fit for photo shoots and reggae-playing rum shacks beckon close by…

Ponta dos GanchosContinuing the ravishing-rainforest theme is Ponta dos Ganchos, a hidden hideaway on Brazil’s Santa Catarina coast. The boutique bungalows boast dazzling lagoon look-outs and, along with the jaw-drop surroundings, this hotel has a glamorous restaurant and bar, a games room, a cinema and South America’s only Christian Dior spa.

A room in Alpaga

Alternatively, eschew heat for height and don your skis for the slopes of Mont Blanc, the setting for our latest luxury-laden Alpine escape, Alpaga, in the regal Rhône-Alpes. Our other French find, Moulin Renaudiots, is a much more flowery affair – an old water mill surrounded by stream-laced gardens in bountiful Burgundy.

Post Ranch Inn

Last, but definitely not least, we stumbled upon the Californian Post Ranch Inn, its terraced treehouses and cabins poised above the bold and beautiful Big Sur. The recycled-redwood rooms, with their wood-burning fires and breathtaking views, offer total seclusion – you’ll probably only venture out to visit the soothing spa and tempting restaurant.

Next month, we’ll be rummaging in our hotel-shaped box of tricks to bring you a hip Hampshire hideaway, some lady-like London stop-offs and an American dream or two…

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