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We felt on top of the world, at our party at the Hotel on Rivington, Wednesday 15 March. It was a suitably swank celebration of Rizzoli’s publication of our books in America. There can’t be many better ways to spend an evening than sipping champagne looking over Manhattan’s skyline from the 20th floor of one of the city’s chicest of retreats.

James Lohan: “It was really tough night. Arriving by limo, drinking champagne in arguably New York’s coolest hotel penthouse and chatting to really interesting people all night was no walk in Central Park. I didn’t sign up for this and not sure I can keep it up.”

Tamara Heber-Percy: “The view from the Penthouse at the Rivington makes you feel as if you own the city – all yours for just one night.”

Juliet Kinsman: “Overnight flight from Cape Town to London, then a plane to NY… almost straight to the party. Champagne flowing, free whisky and gingers combined and sleep deprivation – not the best bedfellows. I practically passed out cold on the freshly plumped white pillows and crisp white sheets on the bed (surely with the best view in Manhattan) by 10pm. My crazy co-workers were apparently still up celebrating at 6am when jetlag had me up and at ’em ready for breakfast.”

Meg Nolan, Rizzoli: “Toasting the Smiths with a twinkling 360º view of NYC as background was hardly tough duty. The champagne flowed like whiskey, which flowed like vodka, which left all lucky guests superbly satiated if not duly in awe. No site was better suited to celebrate the US publication of the Smith books which, like their fete’s panoramic location, offer a perspective more colorful than others.”

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