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There’s been lots of festive cheer at Smith HQ lately but after a German-market bratwurst too many and an emotional Sunday afternoon spent weeping to It’s a Wonderful Life at the Soho Hotel, we decided we needed a lift. We found it at the Met Bar in the shape of £50-a-shot Patrón tequila. It makes us happy…


In exchange for a potential sighting of a King of Leon (preferably Caleb), we studiously went along to attend an agave-based-cocktail class in the sumptuous surroundings of London‘s celebrity-favoured Metropolitan hotel. Danny the head bartender’s agenda: to wipe out the vulgar necking of tequila with a lick of salt and a bite of lemon. This is no harsh fire-starting spirit unsuitable for mixing with even the humblest cola or lemonade, oh no. This is a Mexican master in liquid form, barrel-aged in a hacienda, shielded from the blaze of the Jalisco sun.

First on the lesson plan was the fruity Zapatero. Based on the 1800s Cobbler, it combines fresh pineapple, grapefruit and orange with Aperol and Patrón Silver. It’s then shaken with egg white and ice and topped with orange-flower water. No salt or lemon in sight.

ZapateroThen we learned all about the Smoky Sanchez, a lairy take on a classic margarita. The usual formula of tequila and lime is joined by agave syrup and a dash of a potent and earthy single malt. The finished piece is then sprayed with more of this wicked whisky, from a nifty perfume spritzer. It’s an enticing attempt at luring connoisseurs of Scotch away from their water or rocks. Slick and woody.

Apparently, these Patrón cocktails are enjoyed by Liam Gallagher, Josh Hartnett and most of the Kings of Leon (except Caleb; he prefers fresh mint tea). So, make your way down to Mayfair’s Met Bar (before 9pm, after which it’s members and hotel guests only) to try them for yourself. Just don’t let Danny catch you sprinkling salt onto your hand…

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