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Last week, to mark both the onset of alfresco-dining season for our London HQ, and our 2,000th tweet,  we launched a Twitter photo competition, offering one of our snugglily luxurious lambswool picnic rugs as the prize. Having asked the denizens of Twitter to post their best picnic shots under the #smithnic hashtag in the hope of bagging the blanket, entries ranged from the great to the, well, grainy. After much agonised decision making, we’ve picked a clear winner.

Very well done to top-picked twitpic picnic pic-taker @Kate_at_Massey, who supplied us with this atmospheric shot of an impromptu outdoor lunch in a Bern forest.

The snap ticked our boxes because a) it has a wonderful ad hoc ‘let’s just have the meal right here!’ feel, b) the leaves look lovely and c) Kate is clearly actually in need of a picnic blanket. One is winging its way to her now.

We have two runners-up, each winning a copy of our freshly updated Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection: UK/Ireland Volume 2:

@misterwills supplied this attractive ‘sultry hipster’ snap (we love the slightly threatening manner in which the knife is being brandished).
…and well done to @clogette who went slightly off-brief, admittedly, but did provide an enticingly arty cupcake shot:

Our favourite picture of all, in fact, also came from @misterwills…

…but sadly, the judges decided it wasn’t eligible because a) the bear is not actually picnicking, and b) the shot’s transparently been swiped off a Google image search – naughty misterwills.

Thanks to everyone who took the time (and the pictures) to enter. If you didn’t win (sorry), you can still treat yourself to a woolly Smith picnic rug – or a copy of our latest updated book – by buying one from the Smith shop. You can keep up to date with the Smith Travel Blog and all our forthcoming competitions by following @smithhotels on Twitter. Definitely a good thing to do.

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