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Smith by royal appointmentWell, we are honoured. This is the second time we’ve been able to claim the ‘by royal appointment’ badge (although, admittedly, the first time may have been stretching the truth somewhat).

It emerged in the Telegraph yesterday that even the uppermost echelons of society are partial to a romantic saucy weekend away when none other than the future king squired his consort Kate Middleton into a stylish holiday home under the assumed names of ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ to celebrate Wills’ 27th.

Haven’t we heard those noms d’amour somewhere before?

We haven’t been able to ascertain exactly where His Not-Quite Majesty was staying; all we know is that the princely pad was located ‘near the mediaeval town of Fowey in Cornwall’, that it was well equipped to host a barbecue, and that it was some kind of luxurious ‘private house’.


Luxurious self-catering? Near Fowey? With excellent outdoor dining facilities? That could be described as a ‘house’? Fit for a prince? Obviously we’re only speculating here, but among our Smith & Friends collection of selfPencalenick House, Fowey, Cornwall-catering properties in the region, Pencalenick House seems to fit the bill eerily neatly.

An architect-designed modernist hideaway on the Fowey estuary, Pencalenick is exactly the kind of place we’d book if we wanted an incognito birthday weekend and had the Royal Treasury to dip into. There’s bed space for 10, a private chef on hand, its own blissful beach, and a beautiful 1930s motor yacht for hire. And, of course, it’s gorgeous. When we first wrote about it, we noted that it was ‘the ultimate special-occasion luxury accommodation’ – if my hunch is correct, then how right we were.

Whether or not William and Kate have perused the Smith collection, however, it’s reassuring to know that the royals still choose adopt the dirty-weekend pseudonym that inspired us six years ago (although apparently Charles and Camilla tend to plump for the less-than-glamorous monikers of ‘Fred’ and ‘Gladys’ – oh what a different company we’d be if we’d have followed their lead).

If, as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery, then, Your Highness, we are very flattered indeed.

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